by Jonathon Aslay

All this talk about divorced men, but what about divorced women?

Whether divorce was forced upon you or you chose the divorce, your life is going to change.

Having to start over.

Changes in lifestyle.

Responsible for the children.

Maybe going back to work.

Then there’s dating.

For Divorced Men, No Matter What The Reason And The Changes, The Event Can Be Traumatic

How you deal with these changes can make all the difference.

Women have the benefit of an outlet of friends and family to share their feelings.

Women are comfortable seeking help.

Women are attune to their feelings and adapt faster to change than men.

In fact, women are even better at change than men are.

Men are often lost after a divorce.

Men bottle up their feelings.

Men rarely seek help.

Even the simple things may seem difficult to man (like making the bed on a regular basis).

Men can seek to conquer women after a divorce.

Men tend to sow their seeds after a divorce.

Men often lack a relationship vision after a divorce.

So imagine you’re a divorced woman dating a divorced man.

You’re a woman who has it all together because you have processed the change.

You’re a woman who knows what she wants.

You’re a woman ready for the next chapter in your life.

You’re A Woman In A Pool Of Divorced Men

You might be asking…

When is he ready for a serious relationship?

How can I tell if he is a player?

How do I know if he is over his “ex”

How do I know if he has processed the changes?

How do I know if he has worked on his issues?

Guess what, there is good news for you…

There is an abundance of men who are relationship ready.

There is an abundance of men who have done personal growth work.

There is an abundance of men seeking long term committed relationship.

There is an abundance of men looking for YOU.

Sometimes all it takes is asking a man who has been there to help you understand divorced men – and I’m here to help.

Wishing you a fabulous day

Your Guy Spy to the Male Mind

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