By Gina Ratliffe

So many of us have come to this place in our lives–a place where we are ready to accept all the wealth and abundance that life wants to give us–after a long journey. You might have gone through painful struggles with family or a spouse. You might have gone through the pain of feeling like you don’t really fit in the circumstances of your life. Whatever the sources of that strife, there is something that binds almost all of us together:

The Heroine’s Journey.
There are a few basic steps on this journey. They may happen in a different order for you, they may overlap or happen several times. But, The Heroine’s Journey begins with The Call.

The Call:
The moment where continuing on as you have before is no longer acceptable. You no longer fit with yourself, and you experience a break, a great jolt in the circumstances of your life. You change directions, leave home, or leave a relationship, and this is where the quest begins.

Rejection of the Feminine:
Sadly, in our culture women are still often associated with indecisiveness, crippling sensitivity, and passivity. So many women feel like they have to reject their natural femininity in order to gain financial success and total control over their lives. This is when dangerous compromises are made, and the intuition silenced in favor of more concrete “logical” ways of moving in the world.

But, when success is achieved, there is still a feeling of being out of sync with the self because the natural feminine energy that lives within all of us has been pushed down.

Sometimes this manifests as not knowing how to say “no” when you need to, or pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion, resulting in physical and even mental illness.

The Descent:
During this part of the process you go through some very rough times. Before a heroine can heal her wounds from the past she must encounter the dark feminine.

Dark Feminine:
This is the balled up sadness and alienation she’s been carrying around and avoiding, possibly since childhood. In short, you must face yourself and accept whatever it is you find there because whatever it may be, it’s YOU.

And maybe it’s hard to believe, but you are always enough. You already hold all the power you need, you just have to learn how to access it.

A Period of Retreat:
Spending more time alone, conserving your emotional resources. Your loved ones may not understand this need to retreat and even say something like, “You need to just snap out of it and move on.”

But, by running away from yourself–your truths–you run away from the possibility of finally really healing those wounds, and not just slapping on another round of band-aids.

Marriage of Masculine and Feminine:
And then you realize, it’s not about locking away your feminine energy, it’s about finding the balance between your natural feminine and masculine energies. You have to take that passionate, feeling, listening, cooperative side of you, and match it with that assertive, doer and protector side of you.

Only then can you find the spiritual wholeness that set you out on this quest. You marry those two sides of yourself and are reborn as the unstoppable force you were always meant to be.
You become a source of wisdom and inspiration for all those you encounter. The resources you have to give multiply exponentially because you are no longer trying to be the single source of all this power–you now have opened yourself up to being the conduit through which God’s amazing abundance can flow.

If you can joyfully yield to your natural strengths, instead of fighting them or judging them as “less,” there is no limit to what you can achieve!

Together as Queens we can create lots of jobs for so many who need them now during this 2009 economy; we can feed our families, feed our feminine spirits, and do it all from a place of strength and peace.

2009 Gina Ratliffe

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