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Developing a goddess creed is a bit like developing an “elevator statement” the term used to describe the “short, sharp summary of your business that could be delivered in the time it takes to go a couple of floors in an elevator.”

The only difference is, in spiritual terms the goddess elevator travels at “goddess time” it arrives at exactly the right time for you, it takes as long as you need it to, and it drops you off at whatever floor it is that you need (whether you know what that is or not). In other words, your goddess creed can be as long, short, fast, slow, tiny, huge, sombre or “revellious” as is right for you.

In a similar vein to the elevator statement, a goddess creed outlines your dreams and ethics, and creates a word-picture of your inner goddess (aka your Self).

Sometimes women might include their coffee preferences too, but that’s usually done in order to show a) a sense of humour or b) a sense of ill-humour forgive any waiter who doesn’t know she likes her coffee stirred to the left, by the second visit to his caf ! Either way, it is perfect to the creatrix of that creed.

Developing your own goddess creed allows you to summarise or talk about your Self and your passions with confidence. Even if you never say your creed out loud to others, just going through the process itself helps you work out in the first place who your Self is and what your passions are. It helps you reconnect with your inner workings, your values and where your boundaries lie. And maintaining boundaries, dear goddess sisters, is the giant leap for womankind that keeps us balanced and brimming with self-respect.

There is no one, single “prescribed way” to create your goddess creed. I mean, in goddess circles you can have three women in a room but five opinions can emerge. However, there is only one “right way” to create one, and that’s the way that is exactly right for you.

Having said that, herewith is one way to create your goddess creed. Just like you’d develop a business plan including your current position and your direction for growth, your brand and your unique selling proposition, you might also see your Self as a self-contained and prosperous entity. Brainstorm with such questions as: What do I stand for? What makes me happy? What makes me feel fulfilled? Where are my perfections? What strengths do I have to share? And so on. … Think of your questions and answers as personal “rules of engagement” for becoming “goddess”.

Below is one creed that I created during my own journey during the year.

My Divine Anita Revel, 07/07/07

I am mother, sister, blood-sister and wife,
Drummer, web-weaver, passionate for life;
Dancer with fairy dust, sun, sea and snow,
Creatrix, embracer, I go with the flow;
Tiger, butterfly, complex and free,
I am glorious, juicy, and free to be me;
Grace, gratitude and love is my creed,
I warmly give and receive what I need;
Explorer, authenticator, drifter on dreams,
Truths are unleashed, words flow in streams;
Insightful, intuitive and naturally wise,
Good fortune is easy to materialise;
Spinner of stories in the celestial skies,
Connected to earth, reaching Heaven-wise.
Shimmer, sparkle, giggle and shine,
Awaken, be bold, and behold, my divine!

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