boywithflowersHi, This is Sarah – I’ll be sharing my best and worst date stories and relationship moment stories – but I only have so many…We’d love to publish yours.

If you blog and have a special post or two you’d like to see on LoveRomanceRelationship – send it on over to us…

And if you’re shy and have been keeping these memories of the perfect and most miserable dates and relationship experiences in the back of your head (or the pictures in the back of your closet) – just write down your story, make up a fake name, and send it on over…

If you’ve run out of girlfriends and family members who want to hear your favorite stories, send your stories on over…

If you want us to put up your picture, too, so we can all start sharing a community…send it on over and we’ll put it right in your post, otherwise we’ll decorate it with a picture of flowers or food, or something that fits the happiness level of your story.

We’d like to start doing this, so you can post your triumphs and your woes and get comments without even necessarily letting us know exactly who you really are out in the world (we won’t put up your email address or anything, promise…just the name you give us as the author of the piece.

Just email your story and we’ll format it for the site and put it in the “Your Worst Relationship Moment” or “Your Most Wonderful Relationship Moment” categories. use this special contact form

Can’t wait to see what you’ve written!


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