You Want To See Him More. Here’s How To Let Him Know

The Question: “I am a single mom, dating a new man, who I do not see nearly enough!

by Rori Raye

Our schedules for weekend fun do not sync up. Do I just wait till he feels the desire? Sometimes I think he doesn’t ask because he knows my parenting schedule. I have told him I may be able to do something with notice. Advice?”

My Answer:

Everyone knows that a single mom needs a babysitter in order to go out. Everyone.

A man who does not know this is either not being enlightened by a woman, or is playing dumb because his interest is not all there.
And “asking” for anything from a man is the quickest way to dampen his ardor – Which is the reverse of what you want.

(This is all about Feeling Messages, which I go into depth in my Love Scripts program when we talk about “asking for more” – we go through it on video, with women live on stage – and go through nearly every scenario imaginable. Also, all the basics are in the ebook “Have The relationship You Want!”)

Once you learn the basics of Feeling Messages, and practice them, you will able to say things like “It would feel amazing to be with you more, and I feel so frustrated without a babysitter at short notice. What do you think we can do?”

And then, it’s all about your “vibe” – because if you’re radiating an inner vibe of discomfort, anger, subconsciously or knowingly blaming him for “not getting this” – so many other emotional possibilities, that’s what he’ll pick up.

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