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I went to dinner the other night with a family who’s raised 5 sons and daughters – all in college now – and the conversation turned to how a girl is a man magnet. Since my daughter is that age now, I had a lot of questions to ask – mostly about relationships when you’re that young.

I wanted to know how times have changed and get a little insight into what my daughter is dealing with out there.

(I met her sons and daughter that night, and the sons were fantastic, and her daughter had a nice boyfriend.)

It seems to me that the men around my daughter now are so much more passive than what I remember – or at least that’s what my daughter and her friends say, but this woman, who’d seen WAY more than I, put me straight.

She said – “A Girl doesn’t have to do ANYTHING! A girl is a  man magnet!”

And she was so confident, so sure about herself and her mothering and how her kids had turned out – and I realized she’d seen things not only from her daughter’s view, but from her sons’ – she’d seen their, and their friends’, and whole bunches of boys’ points of view.

So I took away that my Rori Raye methods work for ALL ages, and that boys and men are pretty much exactly as they always were.

Men still want to feel like men and act like men in the most old-fashioned way.

And girls – all girls –  every girl is a man magnet.

So how can I give you something to DO that’s about NOT doing ANYTHING?

Try this:

  1. Picture yourself as a Magnet for men. See yourself that way from the outside.
  2. Picture men running toward you from everywhere, pushing and shoving each other aside to get to you…
  3. Now go INSIDE your picture and IMAGINE yourself DRAWING in men from everywhere – like a magnet you hold on the beach draws in thousands of little pieces of iron from the sand.
  4. Now imagine that all you have to do is SMILE, and men will drop from the skies, fly at you from everywhere, and STICK to you like glue.
  5. The next step is to simply EXPERIENCE how it FEELS to be a magnet (If you’re doing it full-out, it might feel uncomfortable and downright scary…)

I want you to do this small baby-step 24/7 – wherever you are, however you feel.

KNOW that you already ARE a man magnet -just because you’re a girl! (It doesn’t matter what age you think you are – you’re a girl, and you don’t have to do anything but BE what you already are!

Love, Rori

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