marriage adviceBy Michael Webb

Is your marriage in trouble? Need some marriage advice? No matter how bad things are right now, there’s always hope – and ways to turn your situation around to help create a better, more loving and harmonious relationship.

Here Are 5 Simple Marriage Advice Tips

1. Handle arguments differently

Every marriage and relationship has arguments, but it’s how you handle them that’s most important. At Junior High School, I said “no” to drugs. At my wedding altar, I said “no” to fighting.

Fighting is NOT harmless. It’s addictive and, if continued, is likely to cause irreparable damage to your relationship. Everyone is sensitive emotionally – and many experts believe that men are even MORE sensitive than women are!

Sometimes things get held down so long – emotions get “wrinkled” – and your instinct to preserve your sanity makes you blow your top. I sometimes have to bite my tongue so I don’t say something I would regret later (since when is self-control a bad thing?)

Having a naturally calm personality has admittedly made it easier for me to think before I speak than it is for some people. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying.

2. How to make him listen

In marriage, a polite and sincere request gets much greater results than if you yell, nag or complain.

For example, the other day, my wife saw my bath towel on the middle of our bedroom floor. She said “you might want to hang up your towel or it won’t dry out in time for your shower tomorrow.” When my clothes pile up outside of the hamper, she sweetly says, “It would really help me out a lot if you put your dirty clothes in the hamper.”

She was exhausted one morning and when our son (then five months old) began to stir, she turned over to me and asked if I wanted to “get up and have a little morning playtime with Ashton.” That was a much nicer way of asking me to help her out than saying, “Why am I the one who always gets up early to take care of YOUR son? I think it’s YOUR turn for a change.”

My wife instinctively – or it’s a skill she’s developed over time – always thinks of nice ways to ask me to help out or to stop doing something irritating.

3. Turn gossip and bashing into praise

No one’s perfect. When wives get together and the conversation turns to complaining about “what their husbands do,” or male-bashing in general, .

It shows that you respect and value your husband and the “team aspect” of your marriage.

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