what does a man really meanBy Christian Carter

I’m willing to bet you’ve met a lot of really good men.

I know what you’re thinking: “No way. I only ever meet jerks who just want one thing.”

And I still stick to my original point. Yeah, some of the guys you meet are bound to be losers. But just because a guy withdraws or tells you he doesn’t want “anything serious” doesn’t mean he’s not worth your time.

I hate to tell you this, but some of those guys you’ve met were actually good men you weren’t connecting with in the RIGHT way. In short, you may have pushed the right guy away by doing the wrong thing.

Why Having “The Talk” Usually Brings Out the WORST In Even Good Men

If you’ve ever considered giving your guy an “ultimatum” about getting serious or taking things to the “next level” in your relationship, there’s something you need to know.

Men don’t respond to deadlines, ultimatums or “all or nothing” demands when it comes to making a real long-term commitment to a woman.

You might get his attention temporarily and have him try and “act” better for a few weeks or months. But you won’t have gotten at the root of the problem in your relationship.

What’s more, making these kinds of demands or pleas often brings out the worst in good men.

It causes a man to withdraw, act distant, get angry and irritated with you, and start questioning whether he should be with you at all. Yes, even the good men.

Okay, so you may be struggling to come to grips with that ugly truth. Or maybe you just want to slap me.

I get it. But give me a chance here, because what you’re about to learn can lead you to recognize the right guy and show you how to keep him around. Yes, you may have made mistakes, but the worst mistake of all is not learning from them.

The truth is, guys have a different pace when it comes to relationships than you do. You might be on date three thinking that you’re already in a relationship (what I call the “instant relationship”), while he’s just thinking you’re getting to know each other.

It takes time for a man – especially one who is a good catch – to decide that you’re a woman he can’t live without. He needs time and lots of different feel-good experiences with you in order for him to develop that kind of deep attraction that makes him want to take things to the next level.

If you try to rush this process, you risk scaring him away – sometimes for good. When you’re out with a guy and you have “an agenda,” he can sense it. It makes him feel like you have a job description for him to fill, and it makes him wonder if you really want him for who he is.

In my free newsletters and eBook  – Catch Him And Keep Him – I’ll teach you how to meet and attract the right kind of guys – including how to spot a true player so you never get involved before it’s too late. It’s true that some men view dating as a sport, only to drop the ball on a woman after they have made her all sorts of promises.

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From Editor Sarah…If you don’t already have Christian’s ebook, probably all the women around you do. It’s the first relationship book I got, and then I found Rori Raye on one of Christian’s DVD programs, and gave me (and still gives me) the “How-To’s” that take the truth from Christian’s work and show you how to DO it. The thing that makes him so different from all the male “coaches” out there is that he cares….and in a really “sensitive” way.  He seems to actually “get” women (he was raised among sisters…) and he’s totally telling the truth from man’s view.  I just wouldn’t want to be without his help. If you’re not getting his free newsletters, just go here to find out where the good men are and how to get yours.

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