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Most mature women want to have a great relationship and continually experience deep love and intimacy once they’ve found a worthwhile and attractive guy. But often times their desire to have their ideal situation is so strong that it can actually drive them to try and CONTROL the situations they’re in and the man they’re with.

Successful women have an uncanny ability to pull together every aspect of their life and make it work.

But, what happens when successful women who have been gracefully in control of their lives get into a situation where they can’t CONTROL the outcome and the other people involved?

What happens when there is NO LOGICAL SOLUTION or straightforward answer that will make things work out the way they’re used to?

What happens when they get involved with a man and things are no longer within their ability to control?

In these situations, successful women often end up feeling completely OUT OF CONTROL and begin to panic. And then FEAR kicks in because they’re not used to not having total control of their environment. So, they start doing whatever they can think of or what works for them in other situations in order to try and get CONTROL back in their lives.

Of course, what they often do to try and regain control is negative, fear driven, and doesn’t take into account the feelings and desires of the man… and so it backfires. The man freaks out, he sees her as “crazy” and then he withdraws.

You might, unfortunately, already know that story.

What’s fascinating here is that the woman’s attempts to CONTROL are often more DESTRUCTIVE than they are productive. Trying to CONTROL how a man feels, what he thinks, and how he acts around them not only doesn’t usually work for women – it often works AGAINST them and repels the man.


The energy, drive, focus and discipline that can push women to success in their work can be a potent force to create the outcomes they want.

Unfortunately, this same attitude and approach DOESN’T translate over to getting outcomes women might want with men, love and relationships. In fact, this attitude often becomes an obstacle to creating an intimate and loving situation with a man.

Successful women often make the mistake of approaching men and relationships with the same kind of intensity and energy that they seek to influence or control things at work. They start to lead their interactions, conversations and decisions with men with what I call “masculine energy”. This energy is very direct and purposeful and it has an amazing ability to motivate and push us to overcome and break through barriers. But, it isn’t the energy that creates an intense and LASTING CONNECTION with a man.

The “feminine energy” is the energy that attracts a man, and can lead and TEACH him how and why to stay open to a woman. The “feminine energy” is what shows even the most clueless and reckless of men how to become a great and loyal partner – just like it’s the “masculine energy” that ATTRACTS women, and shows them a man’s strength, love and character.

Now, I’m not saying that women don’t and shouldn’t have masculine energy. Lots of attractive and interesting women are full of masculine energy. But, I’ve learned that women can be VERY SUCCESSFUL and have AMAZING LOVE LIVES by knowing when to use masculine and feminine energy.

The key is awareness.

So, let me ask you….

When a woman uses or leads her interactions with a man with her more “masculine” energy, what happens?

Most men aren’t able to open up or attach and connect with a woman who’s meeting them with their “masculine energy”. It doesn’t make a man FEEL close, comfortable, and trusting, and it doesn’t draw him in to connect with her. In fact, lots of men react NEGATIVELY to women who present them with a lot of masculine energy. When some women talk about men not liking successful women, this is what they’re talking about.

Men don’t like a woman’s masculine energy in place of something WAY MORE IMPORTANT to him –

How ATTRACTED he is to her and how she makes him FEEL.

So, let’s wrap this up for now…

One of the most critical things that I see successful women “missing” in their interactions with men, dating and relationships is the idea of creating “Intellectual Attraction” – and using their natural “feminine energy” to do so.

A man might enjoy the idea of a woman being successful, but it isn’t going to make him think about her like he might a woman who pushes all his male buttons. A man doesn’t think, “Gee, she’s got a great job, makes good money and doesn’t depend on anyone else to support her, I think I’ll be into her.”

Actually, it’s the exact opposite.

A man sees or meets a woman and Wham!

He instantly falls for her, and he can’t exactly explain why. And that’s because there is no reason or logic to why it happens – it happens inside a man’s mind.

When a man becomes attracted and interested in a woman, it’s because his FEELINGS and EMOTIONS were TRIGGERED by something about the woman.

And no amount of logic, analyzing, convincing or “success” in a woman’s life can control this. If a man doesn’t FEEL IT for a woman, nothing else will do the trick.

But if a woman CAN make a man feel attraction for her, then it doesn’t matter how successful, gorgeous or shapely she is.

After years of research and observations, I’ve finally “cracked the code” on what actually works to trigger ATTRACTION in men.

And you’d be surprised to learn that ANY WOMAN can learn what these triggers are and how to start learning to use them in her own life and relationship.

Of course, I’m not just talking about that “one night stand” male kind of attraction.

That’s easy. Seduce a man.

I’m talking about the “long-term-he-stays-up-all-night-thinks-about-her-all-the-time-and-does-crazy-romantic-boyish-things-just-because-he-has-to” attraction.

That deeper and more intimate “relationship material” attraction.

I call this “Intellectual Attraction”.

In my ebook, I talk about how any woman, including an analytical, successful and driven woman can learn how to avoid all the common obstacles to love that they put up in their lives and that men respond negatively to.

I discuss specific steps and theories about how to find and identify that great guy, build intense passion and attraction and turn all of that into a great, long term situation with a man.

So, what do you have to lose?

I’ll even let you try my ebook free just to see if you like it.

If you don’t, all you have to do is email me and I’ll give you a full 100% refund… AND you can still keep the book.  To find more info go HERE!

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