by Rori Raye

Saying “Yes” is extraordinarily sexy to a man.

And sometimes it’s not. Not even close.

A man, though we hardly ever believe he’s that “smart,” can TELL when we’re “just saying ‘yes.’”

In other words – when we’re lying.

We think we’re just being “nice.” We think we’re being a good “girlfriend” or “wife” or “date.”

But what we’re being is distinctly unappealing.

“Going along with things” when you truly don’t want to is not the same as “being easy-going.”

Because it’s just not POSSIBLE for any woman to be easy going when she’s doing something she doesn’t want to do and feels totally unexpressed about it.

If you find yourself feeling resentful a lot – this is the “why.”

It’s not possible to do “duty” (without it being your idea and feeling personally rewarding and good in some way) – and not feel resentful.

Not only that – in my experience, if you’re feeling resentment, it’s not only because you’re “giving” a lot and “going along” a lot” – it’s because your OWN needs are going unfulfilled!

If we don’t know how to say “No,” we truly don’t know how to say “yes.”

A man, believe it or not, can pick up on all that, so it’s worth your while to learn to say No instead of “giving in” or not speaking up at all.

Trying, or wanting to be “everything” can be exhausting and backfire! A man is likely to experience your desire to be everything to him as stifling, surrounding, and clingy.

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