Why Men Fall In Love

Everything we’ve been taught about what makes a man fall and stay in love can actually work AGAINST us and cause the attraction and connection to fade – because what feels like love to US typically feels like “pressure” to a man.

by Helena Hart

Here are the two biggest myths about what makes a man fall in love and stay in love:

Myth #1: Men Fall In Love With Us Because Of How Pretty, Smart, Witty Or “Cool” We Are

We tend to think that if we have good conversations, great sex, amazing chemistry, we’re “nice” and understanding, and we have a lot in common with a man – he’ll see how great we are together and will want to be in a committed relationship with us.

While these things might make a man like you and want to spend time with you, they aren’t what make him fall deeply in love and see you as “the one.”

The truth is, just because a man is happy to spend time with you doesn’t necessarily mean he’s moving towards a serious committed relationship – and this is why so many women end up confused and heartbroken when a man suddenly pulls away or gives them the dreaded “I can’t give you what you want…” speech.

Myth #2: We Have To “Do” Something To Make A Man Fall In Love With Us

We instinctively think that if we’re not always letting a man know how we feel about him by taking an active role in moving the relationship forward, he’s going to think we’re not interested or we don’t care – and that couldn’t be further from the truth!

So we end up calling him, texting him something “cute” or funny that made us think of him, or initiating plans thinking it’s harmless – and to a man it feels as though we’re chasing him.

We can even start accidentally chasing him energetically just by thinking about him all the time, strategizing how to talk to him, analyzing everything he says or does, and trying to “figure him out.”

When we do this, we give off the exact OPPOSITE vibe a man needs to feel in order to feel truly connected to us and fall deeply in love.

This is detrimental to his feelings of attraction for us – and even though he can’t put his finger on it or doesn’t realize WHY, the attraction starts to fade and he doesn’t feel the same way he used to.

The truth is, making a man fall in love doesn’t actually involve any effort at all!

It’s simply about BEING who you are, not “doing” something. Men fall in love with you because of who you ARE, not what you do.

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