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Have all your past dieting failures destroyed your confidence in yourself?

Do you wish you could prove it to yourself once and for-all that you DO have the strength and the willpower to stick with a diet long enough so that you could actually lose the weight?

A one more question…

Why do YOU think that you’ve failed at diets and losing weight in the past?

Please take just a few seconds to come up with just anything that comes to mind…. WHY did those diets fail? You don’t need the ULTIMATE ANSWER here… just the first few ideas that pop into your head…

Trust me, this is going to be very interesting.

Okay, now, take a look at your thoughts and impressions, and tell me this – are these reasons OUTSIDE of you, or INSIDE of you?

For example… did you think, “it’s my family’s fault because they’re always bringing bad food around me” or “it’s my work because I’m always so stressed out and don’t have time to eat right”…

Or did you think: “I didn’t make the effort to make sure I was taking care of myself so that I could stay on track” or “I pushed myself too hard and created too high of expectations that set me up to feel like a failure”.

This is an important distinction because if you thought it was something INSIDE of you, GREAT NEWS, you are a pro-active person who believes she can control her own destiny. You take responsibility for your situation. And that means
that you can quite EASILY change your situation by simply gaining some new skills.

But if you think it’s probably something OUTSIDE of you… well, my friend, I’ve got some bad news for you:

You’re still making EXCUSES for why your life isn’t where it should be.

And here’s the thing, it DOESN’T MATTER what the truth is.

A person CHOOSES whether to view their universe as something that “happens to her” or something that “happens as a result of her actions”.

You are either the “effect” of the world around you… or you are the “cause” of the world around you.

Like I said, the “truth” here doesn’t matter. Because, of course, it’s both.

But if you focus on the things that are outside of your control… well… it’s hopeless. You are never going to make things better.

Whereas if you believe the responsibility for where things are in your life is squarely on your own shoulders, then you can always turn them around by learning a new skill, taking a new action, or gaining a new insight.

MOST WOMEN live in a world of excuses…

It’s because I’m not strong enough. It’s because I never have enough time for myself. It’s because I’m a chocoholic or I’m a sugar addict. It’s because my life is too stressful… etc.

Let me tell you a TRUE STORY that can change your life if you let it.

My friend Sean Stephenson was born with a genetic disorder that makes his bones as brittle as match-sticks. He suffered excruciating bone breaks more than 200 times before he reached his 18th birthday. And because of all of these breaks, he failed to grow properly, and now, as an adult, he is only 2 and a half feet tall and rides in a wheel chair.

My point here, in case you missed it, is that Sean has way more “excuses” than you have for being miserable or for being angry at the body he was given and for the hardships that life has placed on him. I mean, honestly, what are the odds that he could have an amazing life and LOVE his body by nourishing it everyday?

Here’s the story —

When Sean was a kid (I think he was around 12, but maybe he was even younger), his favorite holiday was Halloween. Because on Halloween, his parents dressed both him and his wheelchair into something that looked like some kind of cool,
rolling costume…

It was the one day of the year that he could “pass himself off as normal”. Instead of people looking at him like, “oh, that poor kid…” they just said, “hey, cool costume, dude!”

So there he was sitting on the floor while his parents were dressing up the chair, and someone accidentally hit the door stop, and the bedroom door swung closed and shattered his femur.

Ever broken a femur?

The pain was blinding. But that was nothing compared to the truth that hit him like a ton of bricks… he had broken bones before so many times, and he knew the drill… it was off to the hospital for him… Halloween was canceled for the year.

In that moment he cried out in anguish and, for the first time, he even questioned if God hated him. Was that why he was born to suffer?

Now, I don’t even know what kind of super-human courage this next part takes. I can hardly fathom the wisdom and the guts of what his mother did… And I can’t even wrap my brain around anyone talking to a young child this way…

Sean’s mother looked him the eye and soberly said to him: “Look Sean– You’ve got a decision to make here, and you’ve got to make it right here and now. You are going to be with this chair for the rest of your life, and you have to decide if this condition is going to be a burden or a BLESSING. It’s going to be up to YOU how you live your life.”

So, I’ve heard Sean tell this story about a hundred times. And still, every time, I well up with tears of pride. Pride in him, as my friend, and pride in his mom for being the smartest and most loving woman on the planet.

Because I happen to know how this story ends…

Sean has made his condition a BLESSING. And he’s lived every day of his life that way.

His life is a MASTERPIECE of self-love, confidence, self-nourishment, and appreciation.

Yes, he actually APPRECIATES his body. Because that is the body that he has been given.

He could spend all of his time thinking, “poor me, look at how I have to live…” And, sure, I’m certain he’s had some dark moments where he despaired… but those were MOMENTS…

Because Sean is too busy for wasting time on that kind of POINTLESS thinking. He’s too busy LIVING.

Now, as an adult, he’s a professional therapist and an NLP master trainer, and master therapeutic hypnotist, and he uses his condition as a blessing every day. As he says, the chair gives him certain access to his patients most private fears…

Because NOBODY can look Sean in the eyes and say, “poor me… you just don’t understand how tough my life has been” or “I got stuck with a terrible body that has failed me”. When they are with Sean they are forced to DEAL with their excuses.

As a consequence, where other therapists fail, or keep patients coming back for YEARS… Sean usually completely clears up all of their issues in ONE session.

Yes. He IS that powerful.

Plus, seriously here, he’s about the coolest, most confident and calmly powerful person I’ve ever met.

Now it’s up to you to do the same thing… YOU have to decide… are you going to be the VICTIM of your life, or are you going to be its MASTER.

If your confidence in yourself is not where you want it to be, it’s on YOU to change it. YOU got where you are today, and YOU can get yourself someplace BETTER, BIGGER, more EXCITING, and more self-loving.

Take a chance on your SELF. Take action, and stop being the victim of your life, and become the source, the cause, and the MASTER of a un-bendable, un-breakable SELF confidence and SELF love.

Your Friend,
Love and Light,


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