relationshipMy name is Jennie, and my relationship problem is a bit different; I was thinking maybe you can give me some advice. I have a small business, and that’s where I met him.

Last year he moved very close to my shop, and even opened his business two doors away.  For several months I just admired him from the shadows, exchanging only a few banal words.  I found out that he lives alone, has a sense of humor, but he is very serious about work.

Since Christmas we started to exchange messages, some messages were normal while others have been very naughty. After a few messages, he began to invite me to his house. I understood that he only wanted sex from me not a relationship, so I did not accept.  I never said I do not want to go, but every time I found excuses, and I never went.

I tried to make him invite me out, I even came up with the proposal to go out somewhere and have a drink together. We set times, but every time something happened at the last minute, so we did not go on the date.  When the meeting day would come, the morning started well with nice messages, but as the day was running, and the meeting time approached, it seemed that he forgot we had a meeting. He did not send any messages, even not responding to the ones I sent.

But every time, after few days, he start again to text me like nothing happened.

After a while, I decided to go to his place, because I had nothing to lose. After all that, we had sex, which I had even started to dream about.  But everything else was the same – no relationship – something would happen, or come to his mind, something that made him change his mind, and I have never managed to meet him for a date.

You do not think that I’m that stupid, and I never said anything about surrendering the meeting. I questioned him. Sometimes he does not respond, and the last time he said he did not meet with me because, “I cannot have a relationship; it’s in my nature. And the animal cannot change its nature.”

I was thinking “Now I understand what makes him keep skipping dates,” but I was wrong again, because I have explained to him that I don’t want a relationship from him. And after that I thought we would meet …. but he did the same again.

This time I was very harsh with him and I sent the following messages:

I understand that you have a big secret, but don’t worry with me it’s safe ! I will not tell to anybody you are gay !

That’s very harsh. :-D I will prove you wrong.

I am sorry if i hurt you !

Do you really think I am gay’?

I thought about all sorts of things, I found excuses, and I thought that he might just be playing with me, but I really do not know and I cannot understand how a man of 38 years can do things like this.

Tell me what do you think about all this, and if you can suggest what I should do.

The truth is that I did not want just one night with him, I want to know him better because I really like him. Yes I would like to have a relationship, but only after knowing the person well because I have had some bad experiences.

I am 30 years old, and everyone tells me I look 23 – 24 years old…
Thank you very very much for your time.

From Dominique – Our Relationship Expert:

Dear Jennie,

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  1. cyndi on May 15, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    i need help im so miserable. he treats me like shit. like im nothing to him. i cheated on him but he says thats not why we broke up. i really dont understand why we broke up. well come to find out im pregnant with his baby. he called me outta the blue like 6months later. we worked things out, they were going good. we talked all day long, then a week later he stopped callin. wouldnt answer my calls or txts for a week and a half. then i call him and he finally anwsered. anyways it just seems like he really doesnt wanna talk to me or even be with him. i love him so much i will die without him and thats no joke. please help me i cant be without him!!!!!!

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