why he disappearedHere’s something dating and relationship expert Evan Marc Katz wrote – answering a question about his new dating and relationship book “Why He Disappeared” – which blew us away:

“You Don’t Attract the Wrong Men. You ACCEPT The Wrong Men.

What happens when you find yourself incredibly attracted to a man? Well, there’s the feeling of chemistry and everything that comes along with it – the  obsessive highs that come with wanting to be with him, the joy of feeling incredibly connected, and, what you may forget, the willful blindness that allows you to overlook his flaws.

That’s one of the most miraculous things about chemistry: it allows you to focus only on the good and ignore all the bad.

Which is why you can have incredible chemistry and end up in a TERRIBLE relationship, where he doesn’t call you, doesn’t sleep with you, doesn’t compliment you, doesn’t make you feel safe, and doesn’t commit to you.

But you stick around because of how strong your rare FEELINGS are. You’ve now discovered the real secret to why you’re in dead end relationships:

You don’t attract the wrong men, you accept the wrong men.

If you consistently find yourself in relationships with liars, cheaters, addicts, leeches, or commitmentphobes, your job isn’t to get them to stop lying, cheating, drinking, mooching or flaking. Your job is to leave.

You’ll never stop attracting the wrong men, but starting now, you can stop ACCEPTING their bad behavior… and save yourself years of heartbreak and pain.


From the Editors: This one concept alone can save you years of wasted time on the wrong men! We love Evan because he “tells it like it is.” He doesn’t “soft-soap” women or make excuses for a man’s bad behavior just because he’s a man, too.  And he really makes us see not just the differences between men and women – but what makes us SIMILAR to each other!  He really relates how a man behaves to, well…the way you or I might behave to a man in the same circumstances.  Very interesting, and very, very helpful…Go here to get Evan’s great – amazing newsletters for free, and get your answer to Why He Disappeared.

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  1. Sarah on December 2, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    Hi, patti, Are you dating other men? This might just take time…if you can handle the ups and downs….Thank you for writing, and we’ll try to get an “expert” like Rori Raye or Tinque to help you in more detail…if you want to try Rori Raye’s blog at blog.HaveTheRelationshipYouWant.com, she may be able to answer you there…Sincerely, Sarah

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