Why men choose the women they do

Have you ever wondered why a man will choose a woman with almost none of the qualities he’s looking for…

While rejecting one who has everything he says he wants?

It’s frustrating and leaves you wondering if he’s blind or stupid or maybe lying about what he really wants.

But the truth, most men have NO IDEA why they choose the women they do.

Which is why when you ask a guy what he wants in a partner, he’ll describe someone very different than the woman he ends up with.

Research into the male brain has discovered that men choose women based on ONE THING:

Whether or not he’s INFATUATED with you!

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If you can’t trigger infatuation in a guy…

No amount of trying to CONVINCE him how wonderful you are will make him choose you.


If you CAN make him infatuated, by tapping into his primal infatuation instinct,

He’ll completely lose control over you.

And will go to desperate, even embarrassing lengths to secure your love.

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Researchers at Rutgers University recently discovered an emotional tripwire in the male brain…

Once you set off this tripwire…

It wakes up a powerful urge inside a man which completely focuses his attention on you…

Wiping all ‘logical’ concerns out of his mind, and making him ABSOLUTELY SURE you’re the one for him.

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That’s why it doesn’t matter if you’re his ‘perfect girl’…

Or if you have all the qualities he THINKS he wants…

You just need to set off this tripwire…

And he’s yours.

Simple as that.

With love,


Note From Erin at Love Romance Relationship: Knowing the right words to say, and when to say them is vital in getting him to choose YOU!

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