call you backby Alexandra Fox

After having your first dates with a new guy, do you always expect him to call you back and ask for a second one, but to no avail?

Are you always at the end of the waiting end?

Do you always wonder why men don’t call you back, making you obsess about it for a few days, reliving the moments of your first date and asking yourself what went wrong?

Men are really strange creatures, don’t you agree?

You thought you had a great time during your first date, you find him attractive and interesting and you want to know him better. You got your hopes high when he said “I had a great time. I’ll call you soon.”

The next day you woke up with such a giddy feeling that you heart skips a beat every time your phone rings, or you’ll get a new email message.

Sadly, those phone calls aren’t from him and so are those email messages too. Worse, you didn’t hear from him since the first date, leaving you frustrated and depressed.

If He Didn’t Call You Back…

So you’re thinking, what went wrong? I thought he also liked me? What happened? What did I do wrong?

You’ll be obsessing about the whole situation for a few days.

You whine, debate with your best friends and scrutinize every detail about the first date and about the guy, discussing the about the situation as if you and your friends are trying to find the solution for global warming.

Yes, the situation could be tough one especially if you are always at the mercy of those heartless men who doesn’t call back.

But you know what? Not all men are heartless. They are also human beings with reasons of their own for not picking up the phone and making that call.

The only problem with them is that human nature created them differently from women and they can’t express their feelings and emotions clearly like women does.

So before you die of frustration second guessing their reasons for not calling you back, here are some of….

His Versions Of Why He Didn’t Call You Back:


They are intimidated by you. You are successful, overly independent and have a mind of your own.

They find you argumentative, opinionated and controlling.

They think you are cold and frigid because you are so wrapped up in your work that you don’t have time to be sensitive and warm. They are turned off because they think that sleeping with you is like going to bed with the Ice Queen.

They just can’t comprehend the fact that you are confident and strong, a woman of substance who has been climbing the corporate ladder because you are smart and intelligent.

You should try to loosen a bit when going on dates by taking off the power suit and loosen your hair, showing off some skin and giving a warm smile. Show off your sensitive and warm side by talking about your adorable Chihuahua or your cute little niece, if you can show pictures of them.

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