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So – why DO men cheat?

That’s the inevitable question that I’m sure has a lot of women wondering.

So why do men cheat, especially if they’re already in a relationship with a woman who loves them?

Depends on who you ask.

Many would say that men cheat simply because of one reason and one reason only:

Short and simple – they say it’s because of SEX.

Well – Yes and no.

Yes there is sex involved but not because of sex in itself.

Let me explain.

Men who cheat because of sex do so because they want to experience the feeling they had when your relationship was still in its infancy.

Basically they want to go back or even prolong the feeling of the “newness of sex” that they felt when the two of you were still starting out. At the same time some would argue that it’s because of biology.

Harken back to the time of the first caveman where a single mis-step can either land you in the waiting mouth of a predator or have you sink into the dark ooze of death.

The world being that dangerous it’s no wonder that other than catching food, men was also on a quest to propagate the species because he didn’t know when he could die. Basically it was his natural instinct to survive through the “spreading of his seed” to ensure that some of it would manage to survive.

But then there’s the counter that:

Many Men Cheat Not Because Of Sex But Because Of Emotional Dissatisfaction

Well known marriage counselor M. Gary Neuman, in his book “The Truth About Cheating” stated that about 48% of men said emotional dissatisfaction as the reason they cheated. This is because men have a need to be appreciated.

They look for and long for that pat in the back and the adoration for their accomplishments.

You can call it “stoking” his ego but that’s the way it is. And in order to satiate that ego or that need for attention, men cheat by looking for women who will give it to them.

Then There Are Those Men Who Cheat Because They Fear Intimacy

Because they fear intimacy they distance themselves from their partner by having affairs with women that they can NOT have an emotional involvement with. I’m not condoning men who cheat because it’s wrong. And the thing of it is men know it’s wrong.

But don’t rest on your laurels just yet ladies. We all know that women cheat and history has shown that we cheat.

And women cheat for almost the same reason as men do – companionship, romance, and sex.

It’s just that men find it harder NOT to cheat than women do. So in the end it comes down to human nature – regardless of gender we are capable of cheating simple as that.

It comes down to how strong your faith is in your relationship and in yourself to not cheat.

But if you’re not sure as to the reasons why or want to know more on what you can do to fight it then check out my guide.

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To your relationship, Ruth Purple

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