sexyguybackby Michael Greenspan

When your body establishes a pain pattern, it creates facilitated pathways’ in your nervous system. That means that there is a nerve pathway from the pain site into the spinal cord and from the spinal cord back out to the pain site. That pathway is called a reflex arc. That pathway will always be there as long as you are alive.

Consider a streambed that forms as water rushes down the side of the mountain. Then it dries up after it has been formed. The next time water rushes down the mountain, it tends to take the same streambeds over and over because they already exist embedded in the mountain. Just as water takes the line of least resistance so, too, do nerve impulses follow the path of least resistance.

You might say that the body learns how to carry pain impulses more efficiently once they are established in the body. The longer they are established and the more severe the pain, the easier it is on future occasions for these nerve pathways to recur when stimulated. the stimulation that may cause old pain patterns to be felt again may vary from weather changes and over exercising, to fatigue and emotional stress.

This tendency for a nerve impulse to take the same course on future occasions is called the Law of Facilitation. Neuromuscular Therapy sets as one of its goals, the re-facilitation of nerve pathways. This means that although the facilitated pathway will always exist, its painful and inconvenient effect is minimized as the nervous system is restored to normal function through Neuromuscular Therapy.

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