If men are not approaching you, there might be something that’s making you “unapproachable”.

Men are always approaching women, but there are certain situations that will stop them in their tracks:

  • a group of women
  • a woman who is sitting down
  • a “mean” facial expression
  • something else

Are you preventing men from approaching you?

Here’s what you may not realize…

Men work in mysterious ways and the thing that they strive to protect most in life is their “ego”.

No man likes a shattered ego.

Because of this, men typically approach women that look “safe” – rather than going up to someone that is likely to embarrass or reject them.

For example, most men refrain from approaching a woman that is surrounded by a group of friends. Going up to a group of women is intimidating and requires the man to impress all the ladies, rather than just one. This drives the odds of actually striking up a conversation with the lady he has his eye on through the floor.

Bottom Line: If you want men to approach you more frequently, learn how men view certain situations and position yourself in a more approachable manner. Find out more here –> Click!

From Erin at LoveRomanceRelationship: There are many little ways that we can be giving off the wrong signals. Check out this information to see if you’re “accidentally” pushing him away, right from the start. 

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