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“At least two times this week, interact with a man, any man, and be aware of his soft, protected heart. Notice how this makes you feel about him. Focus on his masculine qualities, but, at the same time, remember what society has done to shut him down.” Men Made Easy

If you’ve ever done a search engine search for love and romance, you’ve probably seen those sites that offer men the opportunity to meet a Russian woman. If you’re curious like me, you’ve probably wondered what the heck that’s about.

Well, recently, I was talking with a girlfriend and she mentioned that one of her dear men friends had just returned from his second trip to Russia. He was there to meet his potential bride and her family. This man is apparently nice looking, successful in his career, a terrific guy. And yet, he feels the need to go to Russia to find a woman to love.

I asked my girlfriend why and he told her that he had no luck finding a woman here. Apparently, American women are too independent, strong-willed, aggressive, demanding, and don’t feel equal to, but superior to men.

Men on Love:

Men have told me this before but somehow, what my friend told me really opened my eyes about how bad it is. I’ve talked to a lot of single men since then, and most of them feel the same way. Of course most men don’t go to Russia to find a woman. They simply keep plugging away, searching for a woman to love.

My girlfriend’s friend , and since I wrote this article, two other men, have all agreed that they have married Russian women because they are more old fashioned in that they want to coddle, wait on, give to, and spoil their man. What man wouldn’t like that?

And the Russian women are excited at the opportunity to be able to move to America, with it’s wealth of products and comforts. . . and these men have reported that they are, indeed, enjoying happy marriages. So it must be working for both sides of the relationships.

Is This Always Successful for Love?

One caveat: Obviously not all Russian women are what these men described, as an angry Russian woman recently pointed out. But this discussion is about women who are on the “Meet Russian Women” websites, and obviously, only from the perspective of what the men have told me.

The main point I wish to make is actually aimed at American women. If you fit the category of “too independent, strong-willed, aggressive, demanding, and don’t feel equal to, but superior to men”, then you might look at how happy you are, or have been, in your romantic relationships with men. It’s a bit like “getting more with honey than with vinegar.”

As I have tried to explain in Men Made Easy, “Feminine Grace gives you more power with men. A woman with Feminine Grace, because she is softer, yet confidently so, is going to have a happier man, which means she is going to get more of what she wants from her romantic relationship. Actually, with most men with whom she interacts.”

From my heart to yours,

Kara Oh

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  1. Tasha on July 28, 2012 at 9:31 am

    I absolutely agree with the previous comment. Unfortunately men don’t rise to the level and standards of modern women. As a Russian woman I have to admit that many American men with some personal issues are looking for mail order brides, who they consider more subservient. These marriages often end up in divorces. Many disappointed Russian wives leave their abusive American husbands. While men complain that their Russian wives married them for Green cards.

  2. Sophia on July 26, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    OMG welcome to the 1950’s! In this modern day and age and of the 21st Century this is not the answer, to become or act like Russian Mail Order Brides. The solution is MALE made. Men created and environment of inequality: women couldn’t own property, were considered a husband’s property, and often paid less than a man for the same work. These men still cheated, drank, and performed many other ugly behaviors.
    So what happened? American women went, screw this system, it’s stacked against us. We are not put on this planet to serve men. And now that women have caught up to men and in many ways surpassed them, what do they do? Mope, cry, whine, try get the 1950’s back and blame women, when in fact, this has all been into reaction to an unfair system against women.
    It seems the solution, even according to the Dalhi Lama “American women will lead change.” Instead of men reverting, men need to rise to the occassiona nd become better men. Men need to continue to evolve not regress. Evolution is embracing their female parts and not punishing their female partners for not being less than them. No relationship is healthy if it requires one person to make themselves less so another feels better.
    I am not advocating men against women. I am advocating evolution. Men still have not embraced ownership of relationship struggles. Women are still the primary relationship monitors. Women go to seminars, men in general don’t. Women seek out therapy for themselves or a failing relationship, men don’t. I believe when men step up to the plate, embrace their spirituality and equal ownership of creating a great relationship then marriages and relationships will be happier.
    There is a reason alpha males aren’t doing as well as they did. They don’t make very good partners, typically. Women are much less likely to put up with this behavior. I do not view men inferior but I do view them lazy.
    Last but not least; if a child is starving and you decide to feed them anything, they will be grateful but it doesn’t mean they are getting a good diet, being nurtured or thriving. That’s how I feel about any mail order bride. for all the so called positive marriages you find they hoards of stories of abuse toward them once they get to America!

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