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Curious about what makes a man see a woman as “relationship material”… and why some women always seem to be the ones to have fun with, but never the one to end up with?

Keep reading and find out what separates the two… and learn the strange truth behind why men can actually be LESS INTERESTED in a woman who is MORE AFFECTIONATE.

Here we go…

***Question From A Reader***

Hi Christian I think your book and emails are truly fantastic, so keep it coming. Now that that’s out of the way, can you please tell me an idea for this: I am an affectionate person. I like holding hands in public, cuddling up in private, being playful, not withdrawn (the challenge) and restrained. I like to smile a lot, laugh more and have a lot of fun. I find it very hard to keep my hands to myself! I get the sense that your advice is to play it cool, calm and collected, and to keep my hands to myself as much as possible. For me that is like telling an Italian to sit on her hands and have a conversation – very difficult to do. How do you work an energetic, robust personality into your system? Kind regards.


>>>My Response

Good question. Let’s get straight to it…

You’re confusing one thing for another here.

Let me ask you something real quick –

Can you walk right up to a man, meet him for a brief second and exchange “niceties”, flirt, touch him a bit, start making out, and then give him your number and expect that you’ve set the best foundation for a great connection and a potential relationship in the future?

Obviously not.

This question is an extreme example meant to make a point.

The thing is… the question you’re asking let’s me see that you don’t understand WHY doing this with a man wouldn’t work, if you were interested in a real relationship. Even though you KNOW it wouldn’t work in a logical sense.

Let’s try this…

I want you to stop thinking of flirting and creating ATTRACTION with a man like a physical or psychological “game”. And I want you to start thinking of it more like cooking a great dish. Most chefs, who know what they’re doing, use a few favorite ingredients and spices.

Let’s say a chef wants to prepare a great dish for a special guest. To make the dish amazing, the chef isn’t going to just add a ton of their favorite thing. Too much of even the best ingredient will drown out the other flavors and ruin the entire dish. I want you to start thinking of flirting, physical contact and physical playfulness in the same way. These things create “Physical Attraction” in a man.

Start thinking of Physical Attraction with a man as a SPICE you want to use… and not as the main ingredient.

Since you have my eBook, then you know all about what “Physical Attraction” is for a man, how it works, and why it’s so often EASY for a man to open up and experience this with a woman. Men are “wired” to have a fast and often subconscious physical response to attractive women.

You can go back and revisit more about this, and I think you should, in my eBook inside the first Section – “Inside The Mind Of A Man”. Also take a look at the “Lover or Mother” concept in that same section about the roles or “archetypes” women can fall into based on how men perceive and can categorize women.

Anyway, to make a long story short, flirting with a man and being physical is one of THE BEST ways to quickly trigger the feeling of PHYSICAL ATTRACTION inside a man. But here’s where it gets interesting –

If you’re looking for more than just a fling with a man…

And you want to make sure that he doesn’t see you as just another “notch on his belt”…

Then odds are you’re going to have to learn about what creates not just physical interest and involvement, but gets his deeper EMOTIONS and FEELINGS involved. If you want to have a “real” relationship with a man that can grow and is fulfilling on more than just a surface level, then you’re going to need to know more than how to flirt and play with a man.

Continue reading in Part 2.

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