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Hey, it’s Mike . . .

Question number one about cheating is from Molly

who asks . . .

“Why do GUYS cheat so much more than women do? Why can’t they just be HAPPY with the woman they have? I’m so MAD at him right now. Why wasn’t I enough for him?”

Hey Molly . . .

Thanks for writing and I’m sorry you’re in so much pain right now.

But you’ve got a couple things wrong here.

1. Guys actually DON’T cheat much more than women do.

Stats actually show that guy’s cheat in relationships maybe 5% more often than women do and that (as women have gained financial and social independence) women have started cheating in their relationships a lot MORE than they used to. (It takes two to tango, so it always struck me as odd that guys supposedly cheated “all the time” while women NEVER did. Who were these guys cheating with? Each other?)

That said . . .

2. Women tend to cheat for different REASONS than men do . . .

I’m talking in generalities here, but women tend to cheat . . .

A. Because they don’t feel emotionally connected to their man.

B. Because they feel ignored by their man.

C. To raise their self esteem (I just wanted to be desired).

D. Because they aren’t happy in the relationship.

E. Because they’ve fallen out of love with their man and really want out of the relationship.

Reasons for Cheating:

While guys tend to cheat . . .

A. Because they’re horny and a woman they found attractive was either available or came on to them. (Oh, and of course some guys are serial cheaters and douchebags just like some women are.)

B. (There is no B.)

3. Women tend to JUSTIFY their cheating in ways guys don’t.

In all the years I’ve been doing this I’ve NEVER heard from a guy who said his wife or girlfriend DESERVED to be cheated on but I’ve gotten quite a few emails from women who said “I cheated on him because he’s a son of a bitch.” Or something to that effect.

And finally . . .

4. Women Are BETTER at Cheating Than Guys Are

Plain and simple, women are better at keeping an affair secret and “cleaning up the evidence” than guys are.

Women are crafty and pay attention to details. Men are blunt instruments who can’t even put the toilet seat down.

So while a woman will put her lover’s name in her phone as “Fiona” so her hubby doesn’t catch on and keep a death grip on her phone . . . A guy will be dumb enough to leave his phone full of dirty pictures sitting on the kitchen table.

I’m not sure being “better” at cheating is all that great but it does lead to a lot more guys getting caught and skews perception so society THINKS guys cheat a lot more than women do.

Oh . . . and the vast majority of cheaters never get found out. Stats show that about 50% of men AND women report some level of infidelity during their marriage and for most of them it’s a short term thing that fades away into memory.

Here’s cheating question number 2:

Winny Asks . . .

“Mike. Why am I so ANGRY at my ex all the time?

We broke up 6 months ago. I saw him at a party over the weekend that some friends of ours were throwing. He was there with another woman and I just . . . I just couldn’t handle it. I started SCREAMING at him in the parking lot and we got into this big fight. I was the one who ended things with him. I KNOW we don’t work together but I can’t let go. Why?”

Hey Winny . . .

OK, this is REALLY common and REALLY simple . . .

You don’t want him back. You want him to want YOU back and because he doesn’t, the rejection is killing you.

The only thing to do is to let it go.




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