love lifeDo you like being the person who runs things in your love life?

The one who organizes, plans, makes decisions and follows through on where you go for dates and vacations, where you go for dinner, how you get there, who does what and when?

Or do you prefer to let the partner of your love life be in charge – as long as he or she asks for your opinions and feelings before making decisions?

Or, like most of us, do you really want both?

Wanting both means you want to both be in charge and be taken care of.

And That Doesn’t Work in a Love Life!

If we both want to be in charge all the time, we’re going to be arguing all the time.

We’re going to be pushing each other around all the time trying to be in charge of the relationship and all the everyday details of life together.

This is not only a useless waste of time and energy,

It’s Just Plain Not Sexy for Your Love Life!

This is where opposites attract – there’s so much more juice in a love life where one person prefers the businesslike aspects of daily living, and the other prefers the more emotional aspects.

Things work more smoothly in a love life where one person prefers to think and be respected for thinking, and the other prefers to feel, and to have those feelings cherished.

Who do you want to be in your love life?

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