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Given the ever growing number of options for dating in the last few years, it is really hard to know where to begin, or which is the best option for you.

Look at it, there is Internet dating in all of its varieties:,,,,,,, and the infamous

There are Internet dating sites by “flavor”: Gay, Muslim, Canadian, Latino, Senior, Millionaire, Brainiac, UK and probably every other country, hobby, musical genre, and religion under the sun.

In terms of meeting organically, or face-to-face, you have Speed dating, Matchmaking services, the “old school standby,” spotting someone at a social event and hoping someone you know knows someone he knows, getting set up by your friends, neighbors, your kids or even your cleaning lady.

Organic Dating vs. Internet Dating

The amount of dating you could go through only to discover he is: in the middle of a divorce, conservative if you are liberal, very scientific, rigid and calculated when you are creative and spontaneous, a drinker, a smoker, someone who wants kids, someone who has six kids already, a book worm, a couch potato, a player, a man with widely differing religious and other values from yours, the list goes on…as you become dizzied and discouraged.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a really good glimpse into a guy’s life, his friends, his tastes, hobbies, religion, musical tastes, how he interacts, and whether he believes in Astrology, is vegetarian, meditates, likes 80s or 90s, is an art of history buff, an antique hunter or whatever, without having to wade through mountains of expensive dating, hours of get to know you chit chat, texting into infinity… Just want a glimpse into who he is, what he is like plain and simple?

Dating in the Virtual World

Perhaps you’d be surprised by the growing number of relationships that develop from some of the social networking sites like Facebook. The opportunities to interact with someone, to experience firsthand their day to day in terms of tastes, reactions, humor, sociability, and just general ability to smile in the face of chaos or disturbing world events, difficulties at work, political upheaval here or elsewhere are countless.

The chance to observe and per chance gingerly interact with a man you are interested via the Internet gives both men and women a huge advantage over old fashioned blind dating.

The setting, while still virtual, lends itself to much more authenticity and transparency than a static profile, and who wouldn’t want that advantage?

Jonathon Aslay, is a dating coach and relationship coach who has logged thousands of hours helping women successfully excel at Internet dating. His website offers weekly tips from the male perspective and a Special Report “35 places to meet men out in the real world.”  If you want enjoyable dating in your life, take a look.

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