Figuring things out is a great hobby of mine – I love Escape Rooms and puzzles – and yet – trying to figure things out with a man is not fun.

by Rori Raye

It doesn’t get you where you want to go.

When you’re trying to “figure out” what’s going on with a man, or how the relationship will go – it’s not helping you – it’s getting in your way.

Once you learn – through the Modern Siren Tools and practicing them – how to literally stop that “figuring out” energy, and, instead, just feel your way through “moments” with any man – that’s when things begin to “flow.”

Stick with what’s going on with YOU, when a man connects or texts with you.

Learn to Script THOSE moments easily, when you return the connection, the text, the call, the spoken words – and learn to “float” through all the stuff flying around inside your head when you feel “triggered.”

This is how you’ll have your “Solution!”

You can stop trying to “reconcile” what’s going on with a man – and instead begin to learn to trust yourself more on a feeling basis in the MOMENT.

This is about zeroing on on your gut-level feelings – right when you feel “triggered” by a man (or by your own thoughts!)

Instead of finding yourself “bouncing around” from feeling to feeling as you THINK about him, instead of trying to “figure it out” – just focus on the feelings themselves.

Try this: If a man is NOT in FRONT OF YOU in this exact moment, by text, or in person – notice when you’re thinking of him or about him, and let that fade by replacing those thoughts with Being Present.

Touch something, Track into your body. STAY with what’s in front of you, and find as much Beauty as you can.

It makes it SO much easier, more automatic and natural – even if you’re feeling scared, hurt, uncomfortable, angry – because you’ve already “rehearsed” exactly what to say and do!

Please try this 1000 times a day if you need to – and let me know how it goes.

What you want to not do is “shut down.”

And “shutting down” is our normal response to so much information and feelings going through us and coming at us.

You are likely shutting down automatically with a man just because of the tumultuous feelings inside you.

The solution to the automatic shut down is to NOT try to figure anything out.

Instead – just NOTICE how things are happening inside you. How the urge to shut down is always there.

Truly – you are able to hold, flow through and experience WAY more emotion than you “think” possible right now.

No matter how scared, impatient, frustrated, angry or hurt you feel – there’s nothing for it but to go with it, experience it, and work primarily on noticing it all and FEELING it.

Let it fill you and go through you. Let it expand inside you, instead of trying to turn it into “results.”

“Figuring Out” is the road to “stuckness.”

In her books, CDs, DVDs and seminars, relationship coach Rori Raye teaches women the completely original, simple-to-do and stunningly effective techniques for communication, confidence, and connecting with men that she used to turn her own, now-glorious two-decades-long marriage around. I’m a trained relationship coach, a former crisis counselor, and through my eBook, programs and newsletter, I’ve helped thousands of women succeed in love by teaching them the Tools I’ve created and developed with my clients – Tools that work quickly and effortlessly to change a struggling love life into Happy Ever After. If you’re not familiar with Rori’s work, please do yourself a favor and get her book “Have The Relationship You Want.” It will shift everything, almost overnight.

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