receive loveby Christine Arylo

The alarm rings and you awake
Realizing that even though you just slept the night
Your body is exhausted
Your soul is tired
And while you try to fire your engine
To zoom out of bed to meet the day
You roll out, slowly, puttering instead of zooming

Your mind feels a little cloudy
So you attempt a few of your tried and true go-tos to slough off the tired blanket that has wrapped itself around your entire being

A shower, some yoga, caffeine, the internet … those should get you going
But yet even if they do provide a small jolt of wake up
Underneath, the tired and empty place remains
For while there is work to be done,
and people who are tugging at you for attention
The truth is…
If you took a moment out of your busy life, to look in the mirror into your eyes,
the window to your heart and soul
What you would see and hear back in response is …
“You have nothing more left to give today.”

The question is – with a busy life and many responsibilities – what do you do with that?

I’ll give you a hint,
The answer is not push through
(although let’s be honest that is what most of us do)

The answer is not ignore what you can feel in your bones is true
(although we’ve been taught to doubt our most trusted ally, our Inner Wisdom).

The answer is not to fall in a heap of despair onto the bathroom floor either because you just can’t find a way to handle everything that needs handling and take care of yourself (although we have all been pushed to tears from overwhelm.)

The answer is… to open to RECEIVE.

What does that mean?
How do you do that?


I don’t know about you, but if you are anything like most of the high achievers and doing addicts I know, then you did not get the handbook on how to use your Feminine Super Power of RECEIVE… you were taught to give and give until you had nothing left… to make it happen no matter what… and that if you weren’t doing then you were slacking, failing or falling behind.

Wow! Did we miss the boat. If you are operating your life without using the Feminine Super Power of RECEIVING – you are working harder than you need to, doing too much on your own, passing up miracles for multi-tasking, and pushing away love, money and happiness.

This Feminine Super Power helped me transform from a corporate m.b.a. achievement junkie who did it all herself to an empowered woman who has more love and abundance and freedom than ever before.

Wherever this finds you today, may you remember that you do not have to do it all on your own. You are not alone. This is not all on you. That you have the power to open to RECEIVE – the divine guidance of your Inner Wisdom, the love and community that wants to be there for you, and absolute unconditional support and abundance.

With great heart and in service of love,

Christine Arylo

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