cherryby Cherry Norris

“It was okay,” Dana sighed.

Dana was speaking about her date.

“Nothing special. I’m not seeing him again. He’s just not what I’m looking for.”

Dana means he’s not perfect.

“Not only that, I completely blew my diet. We drank wine and ate dessert.”

Dana means she’s not perfect.

“I should have stayed home and worked on my presentation instead…”

Dana’s means work is her excuse for missing out on things.

No one needs to tell you there is no perfect person. There is no perfect situation and you are not perfect either. No one needs to tell you because you’ve heard this all your life. Yet, you insist. You still strive for it. You still feel the need to do more, be more, have more.

But it’s never good enough.

So I ask you…what is perfection doing for you? (Besides keeping you single, exhausted and unavailable for your life?)

Stop being perfect! Good is good enough.

1. Be Excellent

Looking for a perfect man will keep you single. Accepting a man because he’s good enough will help you have an intimate romantic relationship.

Obsessing about your diet is crazy making. Leaning into a clean way of eating and watching your weight is healthy. And keeps you sane.

Doing a perfect job keeps you unavailable. You’ll miss out on too many other things. Do a job well. Be excellent in your endeavor.

Halfway through this article, I thought, “This topic isn’t good enough. This article needs to be better.”

Better than what? I asked myself.

I couldn’t answer.

So this is it. My good enough article so I can turn my attention to other things. Because I would drive myself crazy trying to write the perfect article (that doesn’t exist).

If your date wasn’t perfect, but was good enough, see him again. If your man is good enough, keep him. if you do your job well, it’s good enough.

2. Be Self-Loving

Are you self-loving? Are you good enough to yourself? Do you put your feelings first? Or do you work hard to please others?

If you work to please others first, you are not being good enough to you.

Often I’m not good enough at loving myself. I have to remind myself to be good to me. (It’s not always easy.)

I am self-loving when I stop worrying about things (or people) I have no control over.

I am self-loving when I unplug my mind in order to rejuvenate my body and unleash my creativity.

I am self-loving when I take time alone to restore peace in my soul.
And although life happens and you don’t always feel good, be self-loving. It’s good enough. It’s just too hard if you are not.

3. Work Easy

You work hard. You get the job done. You are a “can do” person and people notice.

You are valued in your relationships and at work, but find it exhausting. It’s wrecking havoc on your lifestyle and your personal time.

The cost of working hard is too high. So work easy.

Everything doesn’t have to be done today. (Yes, some things can wait until tomorrow!)

If you do good when you don’t feel good about doing it, you are resentful. You get angry and upset. (It ain’t pretty.)

Get into working easy.

It is not worth killing yourself if you don’t enjoy what you are doing. (Even too much of a good thing can be a lot of work.)

Working easy means checking in with your feelings as you are doing something. Go with the flow of what feels right at that time.

And when you’ve completed your task and it’s done well…it’s good enough.

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