If there was one pattern I see over and over again it’s this…

After a few amazing dates (or even one) the guy is head over heels in love.

Texting 5-6 times a day….

“When can I see you again?”

“I had such a good time last Saturday.”

“All I can think about is your smile.”

Then you notice it stops.

You rack your brain trying to figure out what “mistake” you made and when you can’t find anything, here’s why – it’s not your fault.

Here’s what turns your cold distant man into a love sick puppy ===> {How Men Fall In Love}

See, men fall in love differently than women. They go through stages and when you know the right trigger to apply at each stage, waves of desire will return and melt all of his doubts.

He’ll try and act like he’s in control but when he’s alone he fantasizes about you for hours, just dreaming of when he’ll be able to see you again.

His pulse will race whenever he hears your voice as he constantly checks his phone to see if you’ve texted him back.

This is what happens when a man goes through the bonding stages.

All he needs is this spark to melt his cold heart ===> {How Men Fall In Love}

From Sara at LoveRomanceRelationship: One of the mysteries of the universe, How Men Fall In Love, has been answered. Truthfully, this is an area we all need help with and there’s some great advice here. Check it out <== here!

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