carol.jpgby Carol Allen

The following is an overview of the astrological indicators for the month of January, 2009, especially as they relate to relationships.

Keep in mind, I’m using the positions of the planets according to the calculations of the Sidereal Zodiac used in Vedic astrology, the system of ancient India.

These calculations differ from those used in the Western system of astrology, also known as Tropical astrology, by almost an entire sign.

These powerful influences affect all of us, some more than others, depending upon how they interact with your personal astrology chart.

If you felt like January was tough – it was…

Astrological combinations for confusion, misunderstandings, mix-ups and set-backs abounded.

About HALF of the planets were in Capricorn, the sign of WORK, much of the month.

So – romance took a definite backseat to career concerns.

But – with the eclipse of the Sun in this sign on the 26th, and Mercury (the planet of
contracts) being retrograde and eclipsed much of the month as well, it’s no wonder most of us were either losing our jobs or worrying we were about to…

This energy, unfortunately, continues into early February – but there’s a bit of light in the sky.

Although there’s another eclipse on the 9th (this time a “penumbral” eclipse of the
Moon) and the Sun is still getting pretty hammered by Neptune and Rahu in Capricorn the first half of the month – there’s one thing that’s going to save the day…

The planet of love and romance – Venus – moved into its most powerful sign at the end January, its sign of “exaltation” – Pisces – where it stays for a few months.

So – while world markets continue to tumble, and job security seems like a notion out of a children’s fairy tale, guess what we’re all going to be focusing on?

That’s right – LOVE.

One of the positive things to come out of economic down times, is that it forces all of us to ask ourselves, “Gee – what REALLY matters in life?”

So – guess what industry isn’t suffering financial setbacks or layoffs at all, and is instead BUSIER than ever?

Online dating…

Not only that – fertility clinics are, too!

So – if you haven’t online dated, or haven’t done so with success, February is a great month to jump on the cyber highway of love.

(Just be sure NOT to do so around that pesky eclipse on the 9th – wait a few days for that to pass – this is often when we’re emotional, or extra sensitive, so it’s best to “lay low” and wait on important things…

And I’d put off on any fertility treatments – when the Moon is eclipsed it’s not so good for that. But I digress…

Around eclipses is an excellent time to meditate and pray – so visualize the dream man you want to attract, or the dream closeness you want in your relationship.

Lunar eclipses especially have a way of RAMPING up your spiritual powers… :))

If you’re too exhausted from all the
work dramas, you can wait a bit on the dating thing – this lovely Venus vibe is for a while, as I said…

The second half of the month is better all around, as the Sun moves into Aquarius where it enjoys a bit more stability.

Even though it ended at the end of
January – you may feel like Mercury is
STILL retrograde in February, as communication can be challenging.

(If you feel like I say that EVERY month, it’s because lately I have…)

Mercury rules communication and contracts, and it goes BACK into Capricorn on the 8th and stays there throughout February.

Now, usually this is an excellent sign for the planet Mercury – and it’s a very grounding, practical, stable influence on communication.

But this month it’s with dreamy Neptune, and a very weak Jupiter, and eclipsing Rahu, and grumpy Mars – so it doesn’t know if it’s coming or going…

You may feel like you’re having big break- throughs with your interactions with others, only to discover later that your intentions were misread…

Or old issues you were just sure were behind you are BACK…

Or your ideas are about as clear as chalk in the rain…

Not only that, as I said Mercury will ALSO be with Mars – who is in Capricorn ALL month long – the sign of exaltation or greatest power for Mars.

But keep in mind that Mars is the the planet of ARGUING.

In the middle of the month – from the 13th to the 21st – tensions could reach an all-time high in both personal relationships and world events…

This is because Mars and Mercury and the eclipse point, Rahu, will form an exact stack up.

This makes it difficult to be patient, or to watch your temper…

The problem is it’s also difficult for EVERYONE else.

(If you feel like I also say this every month, it’s because there’s been lots of this kind of thing lately…)

It’s said that when Rahu and Mars get together by exact degree – it creates MURDEROUS RAGE.

(People that have this rageful combo in their astrology charts include people like – oh gee – O.J. Simpson and Saddam Hussein…)

So this is NOT the time for a big confrontation or to pick fights with ANYONE in your life…

It won’t go well!

You see, studies show that when you approach someone with anger – even if they love you and you usually get along well – they’ll respond with anger, too!

Because of Mars being so powerful and HYPER – get lots of exercise in February or you may have a hard time sleeping, or shaking off your stress…

I suggest throwing around cheap dishes, and punching a punching bag – so that you don’t punch anything or ANYONE else.

Most of all put off any “tough” talks until March when things calm down.

Venus, the planet of sensuality, and Mars, the planet of passion BOTH being in their most powerful signs in February indicate that this could be a good month for…

(Come closer…)


So – be careful when out with strangers.

You may find you want to channel all the potential hyper, impatient activity of the month “between the sheets.”

And if you’re in a relationship, be sure to not wear the poor guy out. (That’s what men call a “high-class problem!”) But hey – since talking isn’t going to go so good this month, it’s nice to know something will! :)

And may God and his planets and stars shower you with love all month long! Carol Allen

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