black-couple-snugglingThere are few people that reach adulthood without experiencing that first kiss with someone special. If you’re in that group that still hasn’t been kissed, you most likely imagine how it will be and spend some time fantasizing about that magical moment. Something else you may do is experience some apprehension about whether or not you’ll be able to kiss just right or if you’ll manage to mess it up somehow.

First of all, if it’s at all possible, save that first kiss for someone special to you.

Kissing is an incredible feeling and you want to share it with someone that feels you are also special. When you can combine your first kiss with the action of kissing someone special, it will be the most miraculous of kisses. Don’t let your nervousness about possibly not knowing what to do ruin the moment for you.

To begin with, slow down and don’t rush things. This is your first kiss and you want to make it last. When your lips touch, keep it gentle and easy. Don’t smash your face to each other, nor should you allow your teeth to collide. That can be a bit embarrassing and it might even hurt a little.

Stay calm and just relax. Of course, it might make you feel a bit nervous when finally having your first kiss, but if you’re too tense, it might mess up the moment for you. Besides, kissing is one of the most natural and pleasurable actions in the world that two people can engage in. You’re going to love kissing. Keep that in mind and you’ll be fine.

If you’re pretty sure that you’re going to be getting that first kiss, be sure to pay close attention to your dental hygiene. Who wants to kiss someone with bad breath? Therefore, brush your teeth, gargle with mouthwash and avoid eating onions and garlic. If you’re going to be having dinner first, take along some breath mints, or breath spray, to mask any food odors. In that way, your breath will be sweet when you get that first kiss.

Don’t worry about others seeing you kiss. It’s none of their business. Besides, you’ll probably not be getting your kiss until the two of you are alone. Either way, though, try to lose yourself in the moment and focus only on how the person’s mouth feels against yours and enjoy how that feels.

Something you should be prepared for is that most kisses these days are not closed mouthed pecks. A truly passionate kiss usually involves lips parting and tongues tangling. You don’t have to have any experience at kissing this way to enjoy it.

Again, it’s more a matter of going with how you feel at the moment and losing yourself in the kiss. As long as the person you’re kissing and that is kissing you is someone you feel attracted to and like, both of you should enjoy the kiss enough so that you’re assured that you’ll be getting plenty more of them in the future.

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