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Every time your man acts strangely or says something that feels bad, practically every time he makes a move, do you find yourself deep in worry, anxiety filling you up?

And then you start to pick it all apart, analyzing it to death?

You keep asking yourself over and over, “What is he thinking? Why did he say that? What is he doing? Why did he do that? What is he feeling?” And very quickly you find yourself spiraling down into an eddy of “bad” thoughts, and your mind just won’t shut up.

Does any of this feel familiar?

I’ve found myself here SO many times, especially early on in my relationship. I used to live in this state almost constantly, fretting away.

Thankfully and gratefully I healed myself from this in my now fabulous almost completely worry free relationship. And you can too.

You CAN Stop The Worry About Love

Worrying will get you into trouble EVERY time.

You are opening the door wide for your lying little gremlin voices to come bounding in, and they will come in gladly.

They WILL whisper nasty things in your ear which will become screams in no time.

They KNOW your vulnerable spots, and they will find them. And this feels horrible.

And eventually this worry behavior, aside from driving you crazy, WILL likely push your man away. * (link)

The temptation to give into those thoughts and analyze a likely NON-EXISTENT situation is strong.

But most of what makes you feel bad is created by YOU. It’s usually YOUR stuff  being triggered which has little if anything to do with what’s really at hand.

Some Steps To Stop Worry About Love

  1. You must catch yourself as soon as possible.
    1. Indulge in a shaky moment if you wish.
    2. Turn the thoughts over a few times if you must.
    3. But then recognize them for what they are, LIES.
    4. Laugh at them. Dismiss them. Talk to them Soothe them.
    5. Now turn them into a beautiful memory, one that more resembles the truth.
    6. Allow the new feelings that arise to permeate you.
  2. Remember that you are having these thoughts and feelings because you’ve been triggered for whatever reason. It could have been a fleeting thought of which you were totally unaware.
  3. When you find yourself in HIS head or HIS body or HIS heart, GET OUT.

Your job is to be in YOUR mind, YOUR body, YOUR heart, feeling whatever it is you feel, so these feelings can shift and move through you.

We go to these places because they are familiar, and there is comfort in familiarity even if it feels uncomfortable as strange and as contradictory as this might sound.

So when your gremlin voices appear, know that this is simply a reminder that there’s more work to do. This is part of the journey that is your life, and it’s wonderful.

Love, Dominique

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  1. Jae on May 13, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    Amazing how on point you are. I am learning how my thoughts definitely control my life, well int he past because my new mindset is totally free of negativity. My relationship is blossoming into a wonderful experience one day at a time where we are truly getting to know each other and I am learning myself in the process. It makes this whole journey that much easier! Thank you for the confirmation!

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