miss your exDo you miss your ex? Are you having trouble moving on? Here are seven strategies to pursue:

1. Decide that it’s over.

As long as you think there’s a chance to get back together, you will continue to miss your ex boyfriend. If you practice strategies like texting or phoning him trying to catch him off guard, you’ll continue to keep the feelings alive. When you miss your ex, try one of the other strategies presented here.

2. Get rid of all of his stuff.

Do an exchange where you give him his stuff and he gives you yours. Don’t hold on to physical items for sentimental reasons –

It Will Just Remind You of How Much You Miss Your Ex

If there are small things that you don’t need to give back (such as a tooth brush or a comb) throw them away. You don’t need the constant reminders.

3. Write him a letter – then burn it

One reason why you continue to miss your ex is because you haven’t gotten him out of your system. So, write a letter pouring out all of your feelings about the relationship and the break up. When you have released your emotions, then get rid of the letter. There’s something emotionally satisfying about watching your words go up in smoke.

4. Reconnect with your friends.

Sometimes when you get in a hot and heavy relationship, your ties to friends and even family wither. If this is the case, reconnect with those people. Redevelop relationships that you’ve let simmer. Your friends and family love you even if your ex doesn’t anymore.

5. Make new friends.

One of the Reasons You Miss Your Ex Is Because He Took Up So Much of Your Time

Now, in addition to the intense emotional void you are feeling, you have time on your hands.

Fill that time with new activities or interests. Take a class at the local university’s extension program. Learn to do the tango. Join a co-ed softball team. Volunteer to clean up the park through an environmental program. When you keep busy, you’ll find that closing the time void also helps you close the emotional void.

6. Get a pet.

A dog, cat, or other pet can help you reconnect to what is real. A pet needs your attention and love. A pet can also give you love. When you miss your ex, you can reach out for a pet who loves you.

7. Start dating other men.

The world moves on. There are lots of other fish in the sea. Once you reconnect with your friends, start new activities, and even start to walk the dog, you will begin to see all of the opportunities you have with new men. Don’t worry that a first date has to lead to any kind of “relationship.” Just go out and enjoy yourself. Soon, you’ll stop feeling that you miss your ex so much.

Follow these seven steps and you will soon find that you’re actually not saying you miss your ex at all!

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