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About 100 years ago I played on my high school baseball team (okay, I’m exaggerating a little, but it feels like 100 years). Anyway, there was a pitcher who had a nasty curve ball. It was the best curve ball in the league. But it was actually easy to hit. Why? Because you knew it was coming. The pitcher who threw this amazing curve ball did something different in his wind-up when he threw the curve. So you expected it, which made it easy to hit.

There are certain signs in a marriage that “curve balls” are coming. I call them, “Famous Last Words.” If you hear (or say) any of the following, look out!

“We’re just friends.”
“I only read it for the articles.”
“It only happened once, honestly!”
“It didn’t mean anything.”
“It was a wrong number.”
“I can stop anytime I want.”
“I found it at work.” (referring to a new piece
of jewelry)
“I have a headache.” (for the 10th time)
“I’m tired.” (for the 10th time)
“What other bank account?”

If you’re reading this email, you can probably add to the above list. But most importantly, I don’t want your last words to be, “I should have gotten help.”

The above are not really LAST words; they’re WARNING words. They’re signs that a “curve ball” is coming. If you prepare, if you TAKE ACTION, you can maintain your marriage. If you ignore the signs and do nothing, they may be famous LAST words.

If you need help with your marriage, seek professional assistance now. Don’t wait to see if things keep getting worse. Don’t call it quits immediately. Find support and advice and someone to help you look at the situation in a new light.

Wishing you well,
Mort Fertel
Author & Founder of Marriage Fitness

From Sarah – I’ve talked with Mort by phone, his personal story is both heartbreaking and triumphant, and the way he healed his own marriage helps everyone who’s coached by him – I’ve referred women to him who were able to turn their situations around – even after their husband’s had LEFT the home…you can get Mort’s free newsletters here->

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