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From Cheryl:

“I have been in this relationship about a year and a half. He is very sweet to me and there has been mention of getting married. But…I think he is obsessed with beautiful famous women. He has posters in his bedroom like a teenage boy.

There is a picture of Natalie Wood by his computer and a picture of “us” across the room where no one looks. I have found out recently that he is ordering all these pictures of famous women…Olivia Wilde, Linda Rondstadt, etc.,… the list goes on.

He has the usual porn, etc., but these pictures bother me way more. It is making me very uncomfortable and making me feel bad about myself. Am I being ridiculous?”

Dominique’s Relationship Advice:

Dear Cheryl,

I’m sorry but my first reaction to this is a big YIKES…

No I don’t think you are being ridiculous.

How old is this man? It seems to me he is caught in fantasy land, and it doesn’t look like he’s coming out of it anytime soon.

BUT I absolutely don’t want you to take away from this that this has anything to do with you, that you are lacking in anyway.

I repeat; this has NOTHING to do with you.

Now you need to decide for yourself this; if nothing ever changed around his behavior, could you live with it?

Can you accept him and love him just as he is?

Is This a Deal Breaker for Your Relationship?

Being sweet to you is all well and good, but does he make you feel safe? Loved? Cherished?

Do you feel supported by him?

Do you feel connected to him in your relationship?

Do you feel as though you are an important part of his life?

Are any of these things important to you?

If you are like most women, then the the answer is likely yes.

You have some things to think about here.

If you would like to talk more, please feel free to contact me directly.

Love, Dominique xxoo

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