What Men Want: What You Can Learn From a High Priced Call Girl

A question women often ask or wonder is, why would a guy use a call girl, rather than finding a woman to have a relationship with. Hunting around the internet we found some of these answers…

  • Nice girls don’t [fill in the blank]
  • These guys are busy – they don’t have time to go on several dates and not get any
  • Because begging for it is so time consuming.
  • Don’t want to spend any time dating or dealing with the emotional aspect of a relationship.
  • Some men are lonely
  • Men pay for sex because they find it easier and more honest than having to go through the apparent deceit of leading someone on just so they can have sex for a night.
  • They like variety
  • The need to have non-judgmental sex

While these answers satisfy some of the questions, we want to look at a particular type of transaction, because high-end prostitution is a service which goes far beyond a quick hook up and money exchanged for sex. It’s called the Girl Friend Experience.

High priced call girls are meticulously groomed, usually very well educated, and very highly paid. They command enormous sums of money to be far more than elegant arm candy or play the role of a sex slave.

Why are men willing to pay so much money for time with these women? Is it really a no strings attached, everything nicely and neatly tied with a bow, no emotions, no fuss, no muss, no hassle kind of thing? Or is this something we women say because maybe we’re uncomfortable with or won’t face another possible truth?

I would imagine you don’t want to be a hooker or a geisha, but there IS something profound here to consider. Maybe these women provide meaningful things to their clients, and maybe these are things you can learn and adopt for yourself so that you too can provide YOUR man his very own “girlfriend experience.”

So What Is The Girl Friend Experience?

High-end escorts seem perfect in every way.

  1. They look exactly the way the men want, they are specifically chosen from an internet line-up.
  2. They listen with rapt attention.
  3. They can and do have intelligent conversations on a myriad of subjects, and sometimes have secrets told them which these men dare not share with anyone else, be it from pride or fear or a loathing to appear weak in front of colleagues or family or even a spouse/significant other.
  4. They are there to be companions, sometimes with sex and surprisingly sometimes not.

Ultimately the goal is for the time spent together to feel like a date with all of the trappings that go with dating, where the women feels less like a sex toy and the guy less like an ATM.

So, What About The Sex?

Let’s face it, sex is a part of this experience, but sometimes it doesn’t feature at all. Men who hire high-end prostitutes primarily DON’T do so for just sex. It can play an important role depending on the man and his circumstances, but it’s not usually the force driving for these men to seek out high priced women. I wouldn’t call the sex an afterthought, yet it IS a small piece of this world.

It would be easy to dismiss these interactions as simply an ego thing, a lust for power, a risk quest, a desire to be in and maintain control, manipulation, an ego feeding, an ever present need for authority and omnipotence. It’s true that these are men are for the most part in high profile, high risk careers, such as politicians, corporate heads, including middle management, bankers, wall street men, stock brokers, men in positions of dominance in business and society, but is it really that simple?

Most of these men are looking to find the ideal girl friend experience, rather than a quick sexual encounter which, like Chinese food can leave you feeling empty only hour after you’ve eaten. They’re looking for the fulfillment of a real relationship, without the strings and baggage of a real relationship. What does that look like?

  • It’s a letting go of all of their outside world, all of the power, all of the indomitable spirit, all of the force and the bravado for the limited time they have with their chosen woman. It’s about finding refuge.
  • It’s being able to let their guard down, where they can cry if they need to, where they can let their insecurities loose, where they might share things that they wouldn’t even tell their wives if they are married or their psychiatrists or counselors if they are seeing one. Remember, the woman is being paid for discretion too.
  • This is also about spending time, having companionship, an open and willing ear, good, intelligent conversation, maybe even having similar interests.
  • It’s a yearning to be heard, to be appreciated for who they are, to be accepted just as they are.
  • This is much more about a hunger for connection rather than a conquest, something that apparently they cannot find or have difficulty getting elsewhere.
  • They lust for full and deep attention – and basic to all human need, a feeling of being loved, even if it’s not entirely real.
  • Paying for a high-end escort guarantees them all the advantages without any of the downsides. If it does involve sex, this too can be less about the orgasm, less about being perfect in bed and more about being held, being cared for, having every need and desire fulfilled, no questions asked, no objections, no recriminations.
  • These are men in positions of dominance; they have to be in control almost all of the time; they need to take the lead at their jobs and very often at home as well, having to often make quick decisions. Maybe they’re exhausted. Maybe they need a place of respite where they let all of this down, relinquish the ever present and pressing attention required of them, if only for a few hours.
  • Even though this arrangement is an illusory relationship (meaning though feelings can develop, it all really comes down to a business transaction) and even though it costs a great deal, it still apparently feels satisfying.

So what is it that these women provide that maybe you don’t?

  • It is possible these men seek an uncomplicated liaison where they can leave whenever they wish to ask the escort to go.
  • An escort won’t bother him with endless texts or phone calls. She won’t nag him. She won’t criticize or complain about anything.
  • She will do what he wants and when he wants to. She’s attentive and all there for him without the stress which “real” relationships can bring.
  • She has this confidence about her which is enormously alluring. Maybe this comes back to the thrill of the chase. “Normal” women usually fall quickly and hard after having engaged in sex. Not so these women.
  • There is also an aspect to these women of not really caring, meaning they have nothing emotionally invested, and this can be very enticing. It’s attractive and attracting. She’s being paid to do so, but still her energy is all about being leaned back and receiving. Even when she’s taking care of him, her energy is not about an anxiousness to please. She doesn’t cling. She just IS.

How Can YOU Benefit From The Girl Friend Experience?

I don’t want to put any blame anywhere, certainly not on you, the wives, the real girlfriends, but…
I ask you to look really, really deeply within. Try asking yourself these questions, and be nakedly honest with yourself:

  • Are you there for your man when he’s stressed, when he hurts.
  • Do you engage in loving, intimate sex with him and enjoy it?
  • Do you let him know with your body and your face how much you love being with him, sexually and otherwise?

But this isn’t all about sex.

  1. Do you listen to him when he speaks and with all you have? Listen, really, really listen? Yet you refrain from offering advice because that’s his job, to find solutions, to fix things – he is a man after all.
  2. Do you let him know that you appreciate him?
  3. Do you accept him and love him just as he is, warts and all? Or do you ignore him or nag him, jab at him, criticize him, blame him, make him wrong? Do you more often than not reject his advances?

If you as a woman in a relationship can learn to be authentically you, meaning you allow and express your feeling without blame or accusation, using words and body language your man can hear, this alone will shift things dramatically.

If you can show him your vulnerabilities, your foibles, your flaws in a real way, this will make an enormous difference in the energy between you.

If you can learn to take your energy and focus off of your man, and put it firmly back on you by filling your life with things which you love and fulfill you, your relationship will drastically change.

If you can learn to get out of your head with its incessant chatter and sink deeply into your body, feeling all that you feel, embracing and loving those feeling whether they feel good or they don’t, your entire life will be altered and in a fabulous way.

And you too can create the girl friend experience for yourself and your man.