attractiveWe need your help! A question guys will often ask is, what makes a man attractive to women? Looking in the other direction it’s an easy question, one need only look in women’s magazines, at the pictures and endless articles on beauty to find out what both men and women think makes women attractive. With guys it’s a little more of a mystery.

Sure, we can look at biological markers for both sexes, Square jaw and broad shoulders for men (testosterone), heart shaped faces and boobs for women (estrogen) but that doesn’t cover that certain “je ne sais quoi.” But rather than just guess we figured we’d ask YOU in this quick poll and see what hundreds, perhaps thousands of women think makes a man attractive.

Since this is a poll we had to narrow down your choices, so we asked a whole range of women from 20 to 80 – coaches, singles, realtors, wives, dancers, widows, actresses, mothers to get our starting point (over 100 attributes that we analyzed, refined and sorted), but if you think we totally missed an attribute, please add it in the comments so we can further refine and perhaps add it to the list at the end of this post..

OK, so here’s the poll and it’s a tough one as you only get one choice…

So what is the ONE attribute that YOU most want in a man?

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Here’s a list of boiled down responses / attributes from the questions we used to get our poll choices:

A good relationship with his mother and sisters if there are any.
Ambition – desire to excel at something unique to them.
An ok body. Not too buff, just some self care involved.
Can hear me say: “i’m sorry.” “i was wrong.” “please forgive me.”
Comfortable in his own skin, self esteem.
Communication – enough said.
Communicative and expressive; open with his feelings.
Communicative/expressive probably first then confidence.
Confidence – knowing their power and wearing it.
Confident but not arrogant.
Crazy about me
Curiosity – an appetite for life in one form or another.
Dedicated to his own personal/spiritual growth.
Dresses well and cares about his appearance (takes care of himself.)
Eyes and smile.
Eyes are important. Especially when they look at you.
Friendship – at least one relationship that has been through time and distance
Funny but not the dominating center of attention kind of funny
Generous but not gotta take care of the world sort of generous
Gets me.
Good communicator
Good hygiene / not a slob
Good personality
Great sense of humor
Has a huge … (kidding) ;-)
Has self-esteem.
Has the ability to say: “i’m sorry.” “i was wrong.” “please forgive me.”
Having been to therapy
He has a sense of humor
He has a wide range of interests; we can talk about a lot of things
He pays attention to me when he’s talking to me
He’s courteous, polite, has good manners
Hearty laugh & sense of humor
Humor – ability to laugh at someone/thing and themselves
Humor, he has to have a sense of humor. Especially about himself!
I like men who can do stuff. I like men who like 2 talk. I like men who like me.
Kind / thoughtful
Kind is the biggie.
Kind, compassionate, caring
Kind, competent, patient — all the things i’m not, non-judgmental–flexible.
Lets me be myself.
Lives a “green” lifestyle
Looks after himself.
Loves animals
Makes eye contact
Makes me a priority!
Makes me laugh
Not lazy
Outgoing but not obnoxious
Passion – something and someone that really lights them up
Power – one area or subject where they know they are an authority
Romantic and capable of loving
Self awareness or an open nature to learning and growing, evolving
Sense of humor
Sex appeal
Smart / authoritative on a subject
Smart but not a know it all or smart ass
Smile , a good and easy smile.
Strength; have the feeling that he will protect and provide for you
Thoughtful but not a card and flowers every other day
Understands the power of being vulnerable
Willing to take risks

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