I wanted to talk with you a bit about something that is very key to getting your ex back.

After a break up, we go into “survival mode.”

In other words, we tend to think about ourselves more than usual.

That’s not bad, mind you.

It’s healthy.

It’s necessary.

It’s also instinctual to want to protect ourselves from getting hurt even more or from getting hurt again.

So after a break up we spend a lot of time thinking about how it affects us.

We think about how things are going to be for us going forward.

We think about all the things that pertain to our situation.

But we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what our ex is dealing with.

We don’t worry as much about what our ex is going through because we’re having a hard enough time going through it ourselves.

But, let me tell you this:

The More You Are Able To Identify With Your Ex, The Better Your Chances Of Getting Back Together Are Going To Be

Do yourself a favor and try to find some quiet time in a private place.

Close your eyes and try to picture what it would be like to walk in your ex’s shoes for a day.

Try, as hard is it may be, to envision their side of your breakup.

How do they see the events that led to your breakup?

How are they dealing with being apart?

Regardless of whether your ex is in the right or in the wrong, try to see things as they do.

Do this for no other reason than just to try to “walk a mile in their shoes.”

Getting back together is SO MUCH EASIER when you understand where your ex is coming from.

Give it a try. I promise it will help you immensely down the road.

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