by Carole Hodges

A few days ago I celebrated another birthday. I can still remember the birthdays when I relished the thought of getting older so that I could make my own choices.

Now I find that I relish each day just for the experience and choices that it offers me. And somehow I don’t feel any older. That little Carole in a starched dress is still there following my every move. I’ve learned to listen to her because she helps me have much more fun! Thank you for being here to help me celebrate!


If you made a list of things you would like to be, do and have in life – how do you bring them into your life? Many people find (myself included) that their focus shifts slightly from day to day.

In order to achieve a goal, you need to focus your attention and your action upon it. This is a simple principle that works in every area of life. Increase your enjoyment and fulfillment by becoming aware of where you are focusing your attention. Adjust where necessary.


Look over your list of life goals and passions. Choose three which are the most important to you now. What inspires you most? That is the thing to choose. (Check in with that inner child if you aren’t sure)

Notice your actions as you go through the day. How often do you move toward your goal? How often do you fall into routines that may not serve you fully? How do you feel about your choices? Are there other choices that would allow you more freedom to express yourself and your goals?

If you aren’t sure, ask yourself the question, “Is this the highest and best use of my time, resources and energy?” Then listen for your higher self to respond with the guidance.


Most people have one of three responses to this exercise. Which is closes to yours?

1. If your daily actions aren’t moving you toward your live and business goals, it is time to stop and reflect. Do you really want what is on your list? (Hint: You can change either yourself or your list!)

2. Do you find yourself ruled by destructive habits? Maybe you spend time with friends who discourage you. Or you eat desert even when you don’t like it and you have 50 pounds to lose. Are you willing to make a change? What one thing can you change this month? Just ONE? You remain youthful by being flexible.

3. You may find it difficult to connect to the idea of wanting something for yourself, or of listening to a higher self. Rather than pressure yourself, relax and let the understanding come to you. Have you ever followed a hunch and gotten just what you wanted? Remember the little child within yourself that “knows”. Be kind to yourself and find something to be grateful for today.

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