What He Sees When He Looks At You

It probably doesn’t come as a shock to you that men have a different point of view than we do, especially when it comes to the way we see ourselves.

by Helena Hart

When YOU look at yourself in the mirror, you might see that tooth that’s a bit crooked, the line where your bra presses in (you call this your “back fat”), the too-small breasts or too-wide hips… The list goes on and on.

On the other hand, MEN see your body in three ways, and it’s nothing like the way you see yourself:

1. They See What Makes You WOMANLY
This means that when they look at you, they instantly notice the things about your body that make you uniquely a woman – such as your curves and the way you walk.

It’s nearly impossible for a red-blooded heterosexual male to notice anything before they read the parts of your body that say: “I’m a woman.” Your cellulite, stretch marks, or other things you perceive as “flaws” don’t make this list.

2. They See What Makes You UNIQUE
That crooked tooth you hate? They think it’s kind of charming. Do you think your lips are too thin? They just love it when you smile at them. And truthfully, when they think about kissing you, they’re NOT thinking, “Her lips are too thin.” I promise.

If a man who’s attracted to you notices a particular body part of yours that YOU think makes you less attractive, they just think it makes you uniquely you! And since it’s YOU they’re desperate for, they want that part of you as much as all of the others.

3. They See What You Constantly Draw Their Attention To
This is where you have the power to rock or ruin a relationship. When you constantly complain about your body, a man’s desire to enjoy and love you is being eroded. In a way, you’re rejecting HIM.

When he’s thinking, “I could touch her body all day long,” and you say, “I’m too flabby” – you’re not only tearing yourself down – you’re tearing his thoughts, his desires and his excitement about you down too.

It works the other way around as well. You want to celebrate your body – even the parts you’re not crazy about – and let HIM celebrate you too!

A Man Loves A REAL Woman

He may look at the “perfect” girls on the magazine covers. But a picture of perfection – whether it’s real or not – is no competition whatsoever for a living, breathing, REAL woman sitting next to him.

You can be assured that he’ll take a real, live woman over a figment of his imagination EVERY time.

Of course you want to invest time and energy into a healthy, beautiful body. But meanwhile, don’t let your own issues with your body drive him away. You deserve all the love, attention, and affection he wants to give you!

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