loveby Dominique

Do you ever wonder if what you feel is love? Or is it something else, like lust? Or is it a fantasy you created?

Real love feels “good.”

Okay – I know this sounds stupid and simplistic – but it really is that simple.

You may not feel blissful in every moment, but at core – love feels deep, unwavering, and wonderful.

You KNOW you’re loved.  You start to unwind all the places in you where you don’t trust love or any man – and you just start to relax into the feeling of being loved and trusting again.

Even when there’s a “rough spot” in the relationship – you feel loved.

In fact – feeling loved when you’re going through a rough spot makes you feel HEROIC!

It makes you feel able to open yourself more and tell the truth more – straight out to your man in a way you may have never dared to speak before.

All of a sudden, you feel more powerful.

Real Love Makes You Feel More Real, More Authentically You.

You start to stop worrying about the thing you worried about – and all of a sudden you start to consider that maybe this WON’T end.  Maybe this will last.

And you’re not hoping or wishing – you just KNOW.

Now – there’s a big difference here between knowing YOU love a man – and knowing that HE loves YOU.

You can love and love and love and still feel terrible if you don’t feel – down to your toes – that he loves you.

That moment when you finally feel secure in a man’s love is a huge crossroads.

We’re so used to ignoring men who love us and only loving men who don’t.  It’s like it’s in our DNA – in our experience – in our patterns of love

But – here we are finding ourselves fully loved and deciding to stay in love with the man who loves us – or to at least give him a CHANCE!

The Truth Is – Anything But Real Love Coming At You (Or NOT Coming At You) Will Leave You Feeling Anxious, Drained, Sad And Bad

At core you will feel unstable, maybe a sense of emptiness, and kind of icky much of the time.

A man who is unable to step up, a man who is self-absorbed, a damaged man, a toxic man, a man who does not or cannot love you, every little bit of you will NOT feel good.

In the early stages of a relationship, you may feel a BIT anxious, excited, nervous, thrilled. This is the feelings of possibilities and lust. This is romance, and romance is FUN. This is NOT YET love.

Romance MAY lead to love, but it can also fade without blossoming into anything more than a wilted bud. If you continue to hold on tightly to it, make more out of it than it can possibly be when a relationship is blooming, the romance WILL become painful if it does not grow into what you have imagined.

This is a relationship that was never meant to last, so it will hurt.

Desiring true love, wanting your one and only to manifest is innate. It drives us. It’s seems to be our ultimate quest, especially but not exclusively for women.

So when the love you THINK you have causes you to suffer more than to feel healed, you can be fairly certain that what you have found is not love but something else, a pretty story maybe.

Real Love Feels Good

  1. There is a peaceful quality to a real experience of love that penetrates to your deepest deeps, touching your innateness which has always been there.
  2. TRUE love does not inspire neediness or lack. REAL love does not create anxiety.
  3. True love activates your inner being, filling you with warmth and light and beauty.
  4. An AUTHENTIC experience of love embraces you exactly as you are, no changes requested.
  5. Though you have worked to develop a deep and abiding love for yourself, when you are truly loved by another, this love awakens an even more profound love, for self and for your beloved who mirrors back to you your lover within. It creates a never ending spiral of deep and abiding LOVE.

Real Love Does NOT Feel Bad!

It EMPOWERS you with the ever present message that you are, always have been, and always will be love, PURE LOVE.

From Sarah: Dominique is a goddess when it comes to sexuality, sensuality and love. Her expert advice can help you get closer emotionally and physically with your man. And she underlines the fact that the closer connected you are to yourself, the closer you’ll bring him. She will help you do this step-by-step with her book Sex and Heart, and you can get her free newsletters and free report – right here to find your true love.


  1. sharna brown on April 15, 2015 at 5:15 am

    OMG…what you have said is absolutely right. I am 26 years old and I am so in love with my man and part of me being in love with him is KNOWING that this man loves me. You hit the nail on head.

  2. lucas on September 25, 2015 at 3:52 am

    not as helpful as I need this whole deepest depths thing doesn’t really make sense to me and how can you tell if it is stress or allergies instead of not love.

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