allana.jpgby Allana Pratt


When you’re a coach like me who’s worked with hundreds of clients, you start to see the thread that binds it all together. The truth is that if YOU think you’re sexy, he thinks you’re sexy.

That doesn’t mean EVERY man will think you’re sexy… some prefer big hips, others blonds, other intellectuals, others Asian… the point is there’s plenty for everybody and yet YOUR man will find YOU sexy only if YOU think you’re sexy.

Think about it. If you wanted to get your car fixed by someone who wasn’t really sure about fixing cars… would you want to go with him? If you wanted to send your kid to a good school and the school wasn’t so sure they were a good school, would you send them?

If you don’t think you’re sexy, then he won’t either. So it’s your job to own it. Claim it. Show it. Be it. Hold nothing back from pure 100% gorgeous you. Which means you don’t have to TRY to be anything or anyone other than exactly who you are! When a man’s attracted to YOU it’s not the fake persona of you he wants… he can smell a fake like you can…if he’s your guy, he’s into 100% YOU so fully express your YOU’ness now!

I want to welcome to my world and welcome you to being one of the women around me experiencing peace in their skin, joy in their hearts, juiciness in their bodies, noble men on their arms, support in their lives, feeling heard, understood, honored and celebrated for exactly who they are.

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