by Gaye Wright

When you call to have a psychic reading, often times you have a desire to bring about something different in your life. It could be that you re wanting a relationship or wanting to fix up a relationship that s not going so well. It could be that you are looking for a new job or wanting to start your own business. Whatever the reason, there is a desire behind your intention to have a reading. But you don t know how to bring about the change that will satisfy that desire or make your intention come true.

This is where psychics play a very important role in helping to identify the field of potential that contains the real knowledge that will help to satisfy your desire and fulfill your intention.

This sounds like a tall order for the psychic. But when you understand about those fields of potential and how they relate to you, you can help to make the psychic reading even more powerful for yourself.

Take the message of The Secret , which is based on the Law of Attraction. Simply put, you have a deep desire for something or someone and you focus on that deep desire and you keep focusing to build up the energy to make the attraction happen. Yes, it can degenerate into wishful thinking or a romanticized version of the truth. But there is something very real behind the understanding of the Law of Attraction.

It s just that it doesn t happen in a straight line cause-and-effect way. There are other variables and influences, including your intuition. The psychic is not the only one who needs to use his or her intuition in a reading. If you want to bring about what it is that you desire or intend, then the feelings in your body have to reflect the appropriateness of that desire or intention.You have to know that it is right and this is not always easy to discern, especially when you are deep into desire and your intention is very focused on getting what you want.

If we take the area of relationship, you might have a desire or intention to be with someone who isn t free at this particular time. You feel this desire and you find yourself focusing on it more and more. You hope that by giving it so much attention that it will come true. You may have even heard of the saying that where attention flows energy grows and you start practising this for yourself. You can get quite consumed with the focus of your desire. And the more you focus, the more intense you become and that intensity isn t necessarily going to bring anything about sooner or even at all. Intensity is not a measure of whether or not something is real and appropriate.

So where do the fields of potential come into play and how?

Well, what you and your psychic know is that there are potentials and possibilities everywhere and we just have to know how to link into them. When you have a feeling about someone and the psychic confirms that feeling for you, that is the beginning of a genuine process of bringing that potential into manifestation. Sure, you can have a desire feeling and that can feel real, but there has to be a genuine feeling of rightness in your body for real confirmation that you are on the right path. Your body has to feel in balance and not agitated at the thought of your desire. There has to be a feeling of acceptance that if the feeling is right then you do not have to worry or push to make it happen. Your psychic can tell you what is happening in the situation around your desire, but that knowledge is to help you to confirm your intuition and the feeling of rightness.

When your body feels calm and peaceful about the possibilities of your desire coming true and the one you desire coming closer to you, then the psychic is able to create more direct pathways into the fields of potential that hold the knowledge of how it might happen. When your psychic and you feel that unity of purpose and sense of rightness about your desire, then the chances of it coming true increase many times over.

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