what did I do wrongHi, it’s Mike Fiore . . .and if a guy has left you with the feeling “What did I do wrong to make him go away?” – here’s a letter from Yeukai you’ll identify with:

Yeukai asks: “I really like this guy, we met 3 months ago when i had gone out with my friend and we started talking…. This was on a Friday. Monday he called me and he told me how much he liked me. I told him i liked him too.

He then asked me out on a Wednesday and we went to his friends house and the out and we had sooo much fun. He then started calling me everyday. Three weeks ago we made plans that we would spend the weekend together and he was supposed to come and pick me up and then he did not show up.

I did not call him to ask him why, and he also did not call to explain himself. Help me, what do i do – i really like this guy. i wonder what did I do wrong.”

Here’s My Answer:

Hi Y,

What did you do wrong?

Well, nothing that I can see.

From what you told me it looks like the guy was disrespectful and stood you up.

Instead of thinking about what you did “wrong” to cause him to act like this, wouldn’t it make more sense to wonder why you want to be with a guy who would stand you up?

Let’s think about the options here about why he didn’t show:

Option 1: He had some kind of emergency come up.

Totally possible, but it’s still pretty suspect that he didn’t call you.

Option 2: He’s secretly still in love with his ex girlfriend and had an emotional breakdown on the way to your house.

Not really somebody you want to hang out with anyway.

Option 3: He flaked.

(Why do you want to date a flake?)

Option 4: You “did” something to make him mad and instead of talking to you about it, he pulled this passive aggressive BS on you and stood you up.

Sooo . . . why do you want to date this guy again?

He might be a great guy and he might have a valid reason for not showing, but it’s not your job to chase after him right now.

It’s his job to come back to you, apologize for standing you up and make up for it.

And if he doesn’t do that, he’s not the kind of quality guy you want to be with anyway.

I know your heart is pounding and you’re feeling rejected, but this really probably isn’t about you.

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