Jeff1063LRR120croppedby Jeffrey Levine

I was thinking about that whole drama about the boy in the balloon, which turned out to be a hoax – how so many people were glued to CNN to find out what was happening. Many of my Facebook “friends” were posting updates throughout the day.

It got me to thinking about what we choose to pay attention to. And while we spend our time paying to attention to something, there are things we’re missing.

Throughout the day, there’ so much input coming our way – the internet, reality television, the radio – it seems endless.

And because there’s so much coming at us, we’re making choices all day long about what we’ll let in. We pay attention to what we think is important.

In our relationships we make the same kind of choices. We choose what we pay attention to in our partner. And often what we choose to pay attention to, is all we’ll see.

What are you paying attention to in your partner? Are you missing something good because your attention is focused elsewhere? Are you noticing the “slights” and not seeing the good stuff?

What are you paying attention to regarding your kids? Do you see their gifts or are you focusing on their behavior?

Often we only see what we choose to see – and this media-hyped event reminded me of that.

From Sarah: Jeffrey Levine is an Executive Coach who, in the process of helping male executives balance their work and families, started coaching women, and discovered he was helping them save their marriages and families by talking to their husbands in a whole new way…so he wrote about here  – The Good Husband Guide. You can read about his techniques,  learn how to influence your man in a way that increases the romance and harmony factors, and create a positive and powerful shift in your family.

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