relationshipOver the years I’ve been researching the ins and outs of love, attraction and sex between men and women, and not so long ago I took my research to a whole new level by interviewing some sex workers about their experience with men, and what I discovered may shock you.

If a woman hears about someone’s husband or her very own husband, boyfriend or lover being caught going to a brothel, most women would be devastated and appalled, or jump to the conclusion that it’s all about sex or the reason he ‘strayed’ was because he was no longer physically attracted to his partner.

What may seem strange is that this is often not the case.

What Men Are Seeking

The thing is, most men who see a sex worker are not solely there to have a sexual interlude, you’d actually be quite surprised by how many men want to talk and build some sort of connection with the woman first.

You’d also be very surprised as to what the men share about themselves, their life and their relationships.

Sure, of course there are guys that are there to purely “get off” with no chatting necessary, or they have some strange and kinky requirements, though the majority of the men seek some level of intimacy beyond the physical – they also seek the emotional kind.

They want to share their concerns and fears and they want to get the things that worry them off of their chest.

Most men bottle so much up inside that they tend to use this sexual platform as a way to express themselves, both emotionally and physically in a way they feel they can’t with their partner.

Further to that, the most important element of this is that a prostitute doesn’t judge a man or use what he says against him to hurt or control him.

So, What Does This Mean For You?

It means that men are dying for a safe place to bare their soul and they deeply yearn for openness and sharing. Most of all they want to feel loved, cherished and valued by a woman.

This by no means suggests that going to a sex worker or having a private lap dance or anything like it is acceptable when you’re in a committed relationship.

Though it does clearly and boldly indicate that most men seek a much deeper level of emotional and sexual intimacy, they want to feel as though they’re winning with you and that they’re your hero.

Sometimes there’s too much frustration, anger, hurt or blame running that’s standing in the way of real intimacy. Or perhaps you simply don’t know how to relate to men in a way that has them feeling safe with you, which then allows him to be more intimate with YOU.

So if you’re relationship is suffering, you find it difficult to connect to your partner, or you find it difficult to keep a relationship going, then perhaps it’s time to communicate and respond to your man or the man you have your eye on in a new way.

Most of us aren’t taught skills that keep attraction and passion alive.

True intimacy with a man starts with being responsive to him in a way that has him yearning for you and going wild for you.

If you want him to take notice of you, open up to you, desire you and make love to you in all the right ways then check out this VIDEO.

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