prosperityby Lorrie Kazan

“I know he’s my soulmate!” a client might say. “I can feel it, but he won’t say he loves me. In fact, he’s still on He’s afraid of love, that’s why.”

“Let’s both take a breath and see what the cards have to say, what your guides want you to know.” I’m most likely speaking to a client over the phone. She may be in Dubai or London, Los Angeles, or Iowa City. Time and space don’t exist in the ethereal world so we can connect through the ethers to any time, place or space.

If we connect to the client’s other person to see what he or she is thinking, that person has to be willing. How do we know if someone is willing? We ask through the ethers. If someone is unwilling, the energy won’t move. We can still look via tarot, for example, but each of us has the right to say no to someone entering our heads and accessing our thoughts! People tend to be more willing than not. Perhaps it’s because we all want to be known and acknowledged.

There’s a saying that there are no secrets because the information exists somewhere. But often clients come when they’re in pain, after a break-up, or when they’re with a man or woman they know is “it” and yet the other person resists.

“It’s obvious how she/he feels when we’re together, but….”
And that’s where I come in. “Say your names together, no break in between, and with your eyes open.” And then I listen to the energies of how the names/vibrations work together. And we go from there.

Some things to know about soul mates: You have more than one. In fact, you have many soul connections. Soul mates can actually make your life more turbulent, inadvertently pushing you toward growth.

Is he/she afraid of the power and potential of your connection? Sometimes. And we (or I) can send that person energy and images of possibility by connecting with their unconscious mind. Working with shamanic/transformational energy does not mean we try to control another. We offer them images of possibility that may replace fear patterns and relationships past.

We step into the world of transformation, possibility and life with no limits. In so doing we’ve just raised the stakes for everyone to go beyond already always thinking and into a life that soars.

Lorrie is an amazing psychic with incredible credentials and track record. If you want to talk with her about anything – go here and learn how you can discover your soulmate->

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