relationshipBy Lubov Skurina

Holidays are the time when we feel the need to share ourselves with a loved one. It’s the time for connecting with our family, remembering our roots. It is also the time for reflection: Another year has gone by… What were my hopes for this year? Have I progressed in the direction I wanted to?

For single people who are hoping to find a life partner this may be a bitter realization: Another year has gone by; I am still single. The relationship I want hasn’t happened…

What if I told you that you are only “a paradigm shift away” from attracting your ideal partner? It’s a common misconception that finding a perfect mate is a matter of “fate” or “luck.” In reality, it is entirely in your hands to bring this relationship into your life. It is a matter of looking inside yourself and removing your inner barriers to love.

What Barriers Are in the Way of This Relationship?

If you haven’t been able to create the love you want for many years; if you attract the same man in a different body over and over again; then it is likely that on some level you are pushing love away. I know that this statement is not something that is easy to accept, or even understand.

This happens on the subconscious level, and is not your fault.

In order to get a clear picture of what is causing your negative relationship experiences, you need to first, identify patterns or similarities in the type of partners that you tend to attract.

Then ask yourself: “What are my beliefs and thought patterns that sabotage my relationships, or make me a magnet for the wrong guys? How can I change that?”

If you take an honest look at your life, let go of the temptation to blame your former partners (or yourself), you will easily see the inner blocks that are keeping you stuck. Most of my clients quickly come up with a list of obstacles that they see standing in their way to a successful relationship.

Some of the common barriers to love are: low self esteem, a belief that you are not good enough to be loved, fear of intimacy; or preconceived notions about men, like: “all the good ones are taken,” “there is no one out there who is up to my standards,” and so on.

Change Is the Solution for Finding Your Relationship

Most of us are aware of these issues, but we often don’t see their full impact on our life. It’s so easy to continue your dating routine under the assumption that all you need to do to find a partner is to look good, play the dating game and meet a lot of new people.

As years go by, you start to notice that this old strategy isn’t working for you. As you become more and more aware of the fact that you create your own reality, you understand that in order to step out of old patterns and create a kind of relationship that you haven’t been able to create in the past, you’ll have to initiate this change first within yourself, breaking through your inner blocks and shifting your old perspectives.

Change doesn’t mean that you’ll have to become someone you are not. On the contrary, when you let go of beliefs and behavior patterns that don’t serve you, you’ll become more yourself. Then you’ll be able to attract into your life a partner that is uniquely right and perfect for you.

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