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There’s a secret to having the confidence that will attract men. If you’re watching helplessly while your man stops calling, stops treating you the way he used to, and just seems to be getting more and more distant no matter what you do to try to save your relationship, I know I can help you.

It doesn’t take hard work to turn things around. It just takes a new understanding about men (they don’t work the way we women have always been taught), and a new way to talk to them and just BE around them.

Are you feeling like you have to work and work and stay on top of things in order to keep yourself from falling into the “blues”?

Like your frustration with your man and your love life is so high, and you’re so down on yourself for finding yourself in the situation you’re in that you’re almost paralyzed?

It can seem absolutely overwhelming.

I remember just sitting on the floor staring at nothing. Looking at…just dust.

Like all my cylinders were burned out, and I couldn’t think of another thing to do to feel better or get my relationship back on track.

And it doesn’t have to be like that.

If I taught MYSELF how to pull out of a dark place like that, get my love life humming along and attract men without ANY EFFORT at all – so can you.

And much faster than I did, because now you can have the “know-how” and the Tools to do it with.

You Can Attract Men Even When You’re Feeling “Blue”

I was reminded today of that dark period in my life when Jenna, a lovely woman I hadn’t seen in over a year, called for help.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“My life’s a mess,” she said. “Like a black cloud is hanging over my life and I can’t get out from under it and figure out what to do to make anything better. It’s overwhelming.”

“The man I’m practically living with is making me feel bad, and I’m not even sure I want him anymore, and my work is falling apart, and I’m just stuck here in my old apartment feeling horrible.”

We talked for almost an hour, worked out some plans, got some things sorted out, and I left her with lists of her strengths to write, and Tools to use and assignments to follow through on.

And then, all of a sudden, I started feeling “blue,” too.

It’s gray outside, today, which doesn’t usually trigger sadness for me (though it used to), but as I was walking my little dog, the crows flying overhead seemed creepy instead of interesting, and the grayness felt heavy instead of just…well, gray.

If you’ve ever felt “blue” just “out of the blue,” then you know what I’m talking about.

I was fortunate to quickly understand what was happening, and I put some of my own Tools together, and made up a new one, and felt much better, fast.

So, if you’re flirting with “blueness” or feeling overwhelmed, here’s how you can feel better – and USE even the “blue” feeling to get closer to your man.

First, Let’s Look at How SENSITIVE We Are, And How That Works To Attract Men

I think sensitivity is a fantastic thing.

It gives us our ability to love, to care, to have compassion, to weep when we’re sad, and to relate to the pain of others.

It’s the essence of our intuition, which is one of the most powerful, feminine strengths we ALL possess.

But…sometimes it FEELS AWFUL.

Sometimes we pick up things from the people we’re close to that don’t feel good.

Sometimes it’s the sudden realization that our man isn’t as great as we thought he was, like Jenna’s man, and sometimes it’s the sudden realization that the man we love isn’t treating us the way he should, and that we’ve been standing for it.

And sometimes it has NOTHING TO DO WITH US!

Sometimes, I truly believe, if you’re sensitive like I am, that we pick up stuff from other people that doesn’t BELONG to us.

In other words – THEIR black cloud makes US feel “blue.”

And then, because we’re all so smart, we try to figure out what’s bothering us – and of course there’s always so much crummy stuff to dig up if we go looking for it – we come up with something to feel bad ABOUT.

And we didn’t have to!

We do this so often with our men.

They’re upset for some reason, they treat us badly, and we take it personally.

And even if we’re doing Rori Raye Tools and are able to NOT take it personally – (congratulations if you’ve done this) – we still feel bad.

It’s as though we TAKE ON his mood.

Healers and doctors and therapists have this problem all the time.

It’s easy to get burned out when the work you love is all about spending your days around and with people who are in pain.

The urge to make them feel better is SO HUGE.

And yet, as any healer or doctor will tell you, the urge to make people feel better often results in EVERYONE feeling WORSE.

Everyone needs to follow his or her own road and go through his or her own pain and come out the other end – whole and happy again – through his or her own personal work. Our men have to take themselves through their TUNNELS, just like we do.

And the best way to help a man do that – and continue to attract men instead of shut down and push them away – is to NOT go down into his tunnel WITH HIM.

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