ideal relationshipMost of us get sidetracked and distracted from our goal of being in an ideal relationship by getting fixated on one man.

It has to be “him!”

No, it doesn’t. In fact, your dream date or, for that matter, your dream life partner most likely won’t be anything like “Him.”

Your ideal relationship, on the other hand, will look and feel like your dream.

You’ll be loved.
You’ll be loving.
You’ll be having great, passionate sex.
You’ll feel as though someone finally “gets” you, and you feel both respected and cherished at the same time.

How Do You Know What You Really Want in an Ideal Relationship?

By using your imagination.

Try this: Close your eyes.

Imagine you’re with the perfect, ideal lover in the perfect, ideal place, on a perfect day in your perfect ideal relationship.

Where are you?

Are you on a beach, on a mountaintop, in a cozy home, on a lake?

What are you doing? Are you talking, making love, fishing, cleaning house, shopping, hiking?

Whose arm is around who?

Or are you holding hands?

How are you feeling in the presence of this person?

Invest in the Details of Your Ideal Relationship

Really go into the details of how pleasurable it feels.

Really allow yourself to feel loved and loving.

Allow yourself to feel given to and giving.

Allow yourself to be touched in a way that feels genuinely good to you.

If you can imagine it – you can have it.

Go after what you really want from an ideal relationship, instead of what you’ve already had.

From Sarah:  A lot of feel the pressure to be practical and not dream of a “one true love,” or we think what we’ve experienced is as good as it gets, but the truth is, if you know what you most long for in an ideal relationship, you can find it!  And the way to get there can be completely practical and straightforward!  There’s this great new program – 7 Steps to Life-Long Love – that helps you realize your dreams and achieve them.  Check it out if your on a quest for you ideal relationship.

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