what men thinkFrom Sarah: Just wanted to give you a heads-up that we’ve got a new section of the site that’s filled with articles for men – yeah – the articles about seduction, how to be a player, how to get a woman into bed – and also – great articles written for a man about how to turn a woman into a girlfriend and wife, how to make a relationship work, how to be a better man. To Men’s Corner–>>>

The most important thing here, is that – even though some of this is raunchy and offensive to us women – it’s also a great way for us to LEARN how men think, how they work, and what they want.

Some of these experts are wonderful to read for men AND women – like David Wygant (because he’s got so much experience personally coaching both men and women) – and some of them are just about men.

If reading this stuff on the Men’s Corner page makes you feel angry, to want to throw things, to tell the nearest man that he’s a jerk because you suddenly feel like ALL men are jerks – then that’s GREAT!!!

Because you’ll also start to understand men more – and even feel bad for how messed up most men are, how clueless they are, how in need of our feminine touch – YOUR feminine touch – they are.

If you’re interested in what male “dating and seduction experts” are telling men – just go here to Men’s Corner–>>


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